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Company : MyNutraMart.com 
Tuesday, October 12, 2010 10:00AM IST (4:30AM GMT)
FENFURO™ Now Available on MyNutraMart.com
Karnataka, India

FENFURO™, an innovative product for diabetes management, has tied up with Nutritional and Herbal supplement retailer MyNutraMart.com for exclusive online sales. FENFURO™ is the flagship product of Haryana based ‘Chemical Resources'.

Says Mr. Pawan Goel, "Diabetes is globally the fourth leading cause for death. Every year 3.8 million people die of diabetes-related causes. India has the dubious distinction of having the largest diabetes population in the world. We have an estimated 41 million diabetics, amounting to 6% of adult population".

The age-old goodness of fenugreek now comes encapsulated in the form of an innovative diabetes management in FENFURO™. It is a proprietary preparation having scientifically proven anti-diabetic properties without any side effects.

FENFURO™ is a group of Furastanolic Saponins - extracted from Fenugreek Seeds (TRIGONELLA FOENUM - GRAECUM) which promotes insulin secretion and inhibits the rise of blood glucose, thus helping to reduce body fat production. An active ingredient in Fenugreek seeds exhibits a specific effect on the Islets of Langerhans in the pancreas. These cells are directly responsible for insulin production. Most significantly, the effect of active ingredients is glucose dependent. The higher the level of blood glucose, the greater the insulin promoting response elicited by this active ingredient. Thus the active ingredient in Fenugreek seeds exhibits a significant regulating effect, which corresponds with the insulin needs of the body at any given time, making this compound "adaptogenic" responding to the particular needs of the body at any given time.

Off the global Nutraceutical market of USD 117 billion, India has less than one percent share. Globally, this market is expected to reach USD 177 billion in 2013 growing at a CAGR of 7% driven by the fast growing dietary supplements category. The Nutraceuticals market in India is estimated to be at least INR 44 billion. The report by Ernst & Young and FICCI has also envisaged that the latent market potential in India is two to four times the current market size (between USD 2 to USD 4 billion)

MyNutraMart.com is India's No.1 Nutritional supplements shopping portal. The retailer has tied up with global brands and offers 5000 products to cater to the growing Nutritional supplements market worldwide and in particular India. The portal offers products for cholesterol management, blood pressure management, skincare, brain and memory, depression, vision and eye. Well known supplements like Resveratrol, Grape Seed extract, Colostrum, Policosanol, Glucosamine, Spirulina and major vitamins are offered at good discount.

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