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Indian Company, AZIMUTH, Offers First Complete Online Course to Become a Medical Transcriptionist in India

  • Monday, December 3, 2007 2:13PM IST (8:43AM GMT)
Trainees can Work from Home After Completion of Course
Pondicherry, India: Today Azimuth Academy (www.azimuthacademy.com) announced its new online course for Medical Transcriptionists. Online workers can get trained from the comfort of their homes at the time and pace of their choice. The duration for online MT Training is about 750 hours or approximately 4 months. Upon positive completion, jobs are guaranteed.

Whether it is for the convenience of the work hours, the independence, the savings of the long commute hours, the only choice to work in a very remote area…for many, online work is the solution.

Azimuth Academy is the training division of Azimuth, a leading BPO - Medical Transcription service provider based in Pondicherry, South India. It has associates that have been working from home for several years from various different locations, including from outside India.

The company has already successfully trained hundreds of medical transcriptionists and opens its training online (in complement to its Pondicherry Campus) to any graduate with good English comprehension skills. The candidate needs to have an Internet connection and a computer and must be reasonably at ease with the Internet in order to browse through the online course materials.

The number of Medical Transcriptionist in India is estimated to be around 20,000. There is a shortage of well-trained and qualified MTs and all graduates from the online or on campus training from Azimuth Academy are placed in the Company or in other reputed MT companies. The demand for high quality services is very strong in the US also.

The enrollment and attending the online Azimuth Academy course is very easy. Terry Leger MD and CEO for Azimuth says "We have put a lot of effort over the past 2 years in the development of an easy to use and efficient training course." The learning management system of Azimuth Academy is based on the world's best e-learning SCORM standards. In fact one can see a demo at www azimuthacademy.com.

"Our candidates come from very different background and all enjoy the convenience of the online training. They are recently graduated freshers, housewives returning to the job market, job seekers looking for a better opportunity etc. The new affordable Internet access from home makes the online training very attractive" adds Mr. Leger.

At their own pace the students get to their home computer and study for a few hours with the multi media online materials. All the necessary techniques are covered. Language of medicine, medical transcription rules etc. Live teachers' assistance is just a click or a phone call away. Technical support and assistance is 24 hours a day.

The average salaries for qualified MTs are quite high and the cost of the training is easily covered by only 2 months income after the training.

Azimuth guarantees placements for the qualified MTs after successful completion of training.

For more details about Azimuth Academy log on to www.azimuthacademy.com or call +91 413 2655 755

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