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Company Name : CIBOK Editorial Committee

Thursday, April 20, 2017 1:35PM IST (8:05AM GMT)


New Standard for Cybercrime Investigation Launches as Cybercrime Investigation Body Of Knowledge

Washington, United States

CIBOK Editorial Committee announced its establishment and the 1st edition “Cybercrime Investigation Body Of Knowledge” (CIBOK) published work. CIBOK is designed to provide a new standard for law enforcement organizations and enterprises around the globe with knowledge, skills and behaviors required to solve or prevent today’s complex and sophisticated cybercrime. The CIBOKfirst edition publication is available in English and Japanese.


“As cybercrime evolves from individuals seeking attention and demonstrating their capabilities to organized and syndicated activities of sophisticated goal-oriented actors, it is important to change our focus to understanding the objectives and motivations of the crimes,” said Shane Shook, the chief editor of CIBOK and the chair of Cybercrime Investigation Body Of Knowledge Editorial Committee. “Crime is investigated in terms of means, motives and opportunity to identify perpetrators. Cyber investigations, however, have traditionally focused on tools, techniques and procedures. The CIBOK is intended to weld the best efficiencies of traditional and cyber investigative approaches, and to provide a standard that demonstrates the convergence of societal and corporate understanding of cybercriminal activity. This is step one of what we hope will become coordination and cooperation between public and private sector approaches to addressing global cybercrimes.”


CIBOK describes the needs, background and requirements for security researchers to assist law enforcement, and for corporate risk managers to investigate cybercrimes. The book seeks to fulfill these five objectives:

  1. Popularize and promote a global commonsense, and consistent, approach to cybercrime investigations.
  2. Positioning of systematized practices for defining the scope of cybercrime investigations.
  3. Characterizing through demonstration the content that should be put into practice in cybercrime investigations.
  4. Providing structural guidance for utilizing CIBOK as an investigation asset to plan, conduct, and review cybercrime investigations.
  5. Demonstrating the organizational and individual skills and knowledge development needed for cybercrime investigations.

The CIBOK first edition was planned, coordinated and sponsored by Trend Micro, and has been written, reviewed and compiled by 12 experts from various industries as joint forces, including law firms, law enforcement and academia. The CIBOK Editorial Committee will take over copyright and management of CIBOK from Trend Micro.


And a general incorporated association will be established to continue to update CIBOK as public property, and the association will plan to develop a certification program and a related training.


And the CIBOK first edition will be planned to sell from May, 2017. To purchase a copy of the CIBOK book and to learn more about the organization, please visit CIBOK web site.




About CIBOK Editorial Committee


The CIBOK Editorial Committee is organized by 12 experienced legal, judicial and industry leaders, and assigned by a steering committee of industry and legal professionals formed in 2016 with the goal of helping to protect Information and Communication Technology (ICT) assets and operations of society from cybercrime.





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CONTACTS : CIBOK Editorial CommitteeYasumoto Masakazu, +81-3-5334-3623secretariat@cibok.org
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