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Company : NIAPPI Business Council 
Monday, September 1, 2014 6:35PM IST (1:05PM GMT)
Famous Indian Punjabi RockStar, Daler Mehndi became the Brand Ambassador of Niappi Business Council
More than 250,000 people rocked with Punjabi Rockstar Daler Mehndi on India Independence Parade in New York. Niappi Business Council, Chairperson Shalabh Kumar, Hon. Chair Pete Sessions, Indian Film Actors Sunny Deol and Raveena Tandon were among distinguished participants of the Parade
New Delhi, Delhi, India

Mr. Daler Mehndi, World’s leading Punjabi Rockstar has become the brand ambassador of Niappi Business Council. Committed towards bringing US-India closer on business, strategic and cultural terms, Niappi Business Council is aggressively working towards ensuring great level of traction of Indian well as American people to participate in this initiative.
“Niappi Business Council is committed towards creating a strong voice for making India-US relations more stronger and positive. As a mandate we work for more trade and strong bilateral relations between India and the US. Brand Ambassador Daler Mehndi will contribute significantly in achieving these goals by wining public’s support as mass level.”
Recently, more than 250,000 people came on the streets of Manhattan, New York to participate in the India Independence Day Parade. The NY streets never had a show like this before, with the famous tunes of Daler Mehndi ‘Tunak Tunak’ took over Manhattan, NY on Sunday, August 17th, 2014.
FIA Independence Day Parade this year, had a different twist. Besides Actors Sunny Deol and Raveena Tandon, who hardly spoke a couple of lines each during the entire Independence Day weekend in New Jersey and New York, FIA partner NIAPPI Business Council (NBC) brought in the King of Bhangra, Daler Mehndi who energized the strong crowd with his incredibly popular music and dance. People were dancing to “Tunak Tunak” all over Manhattan, and Daler Mehndi was an instant hit.
Niappi Business Council, Chairman Shalabh Kumar, who is also part of the Daler Mehndi band, introduced Daler Mehndi as NBC’s brand ambassador and the powerful leader of US Congress (Parliament), Congressman Pete Sessions as NBC’s Honorary Chairman.
The dynamic trio will play a key role in passing legislation in the United States Congress that will further NBC’s goal of increasing trade between the US and India and turn 21st to be an Indo-American century.
Apart from celebrating the independence of one of world’s largest democratic countries, the crowd also expressed their hopes from the upcoming US visit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
Mr. Sessions publically declared his strong opposition to the anti-Indian provisions of the S 744 Immigration bill, as well as full support for lifting the ban on Modi’s personal visa.

Note to Editors


National Indian American Public Policy Institute (NIAPPI) is a think tank headed by Mr. Shalabh Kumar that brought first high level US parliamentarian delegation to Gujrat, India in March, 2013. The organization is actively working towards ensuring better economic ecosystem between India and the US.

About NIAPPI Business Council

NIAPPI Business Council has recently been created in the wake of Modi’s huge victory in India. The main purpose for this council is to ensure positive ecosystem for Indian -American Entrepreneurs, The organization is aggressively and dedicatedly focused towards improvising the economic synergies between these two countries. 

About Mr. Shalabh Kumar

Mr. Shalabh Kumar, Chairman Indian American Advisory Council, House Republican Conference of US Parliament & Chairman of NIAPPI Business Council is also the Chairman and CEO of AVG group of companies in USA. Born to a Freedom Fighter, and raised in an Arya Smaji family in Punjab, he has been dedicated to causes important to his motherland “Bharatvarsha” and adopted homeland for the last 45 years, the United States of America. He served on the Business Advisory Council of President Ronald Reagan in the early eighties.

Apart from being a highly successful CEO, he is an inventor and holds more than 10 US patents. He has created many new industries in North America. His success as an inventor, a highly successful entrepreneur and philanthropist, is a result of dedication, hard work and foresight, in addition to an ability to take calculated risks.

Photo caption: Left to Right: Mr. Peter Sessions, Mr. Shalabh Kumar, Mr. Daler Mehndi, addressing the crowd in New York

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Left to Right: Mr. Peter Sessions, Mr. Shalabh Kumar, Mr. Daler Mehndi, addressing the crowd in New York