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Company : Azimuth 
Thursday, March 12, 2015 12:10PM IST (6:40AM GMT)
New Online Medical Coding Training Course Launch For Home-Based Career
Unique home-based opportunity to get trained and certified in medical coding by US-approved training experts, now in India
Pondicherry, Pondicherry, India

Today, Azimuth, a leading company in digital content creation, healthcare BPO and online education, has announced the launch of its new online course for medical coding certification in partnership with Medesun, a reputed training and certifying institute in medical billing and coding in the USA and India.
In the US, every interaction that a doctor has with a patient is documented. The process of medical coding involves the assignment of specific numeric codes for each disease condition and procedure that is performed.  Prior specific training is required to obtain a job in the coding field.
 “Because India is a primary destination for this type of Business Process, the increased demand for skilled ICD-10 coders in the US will bring about an equivalent demand in India. This will create a very attractive opportunity for talented and well-trained professionals to have a lucrative career, either home-based or within a healthcare BPO company such as Azimuth.” says Mr. Terry Leger, CEO and CMD of Azimuth.
Medical Coding Certification:
Dr. M. Santosh Kumar Guptha, Founder and Chief Trainer of Medesun, says, “All Medesun trainers in India are coders who are certified by AHIMA (American Health Information Management Association).  These AHIMA-approved trainers are highly qualified to impart ICD-10 coding training. We are excited to partner with Azimuth, who is a leader in elearning and online training.  Through this remarkable partnership, we can effectively cater to the growing training needs of the medical billing and coding industry”.
“The Azimuth Medical Transcription course is already a great success in India, and we expect the new Azimuth Medical Coding Certification course to be equally attractive and successful for job seekers wishing to train and have a rewarding career from the comfort of their homes,” adds Anand, VP of Azimuth.
About Azimuth
Azimuth is a provider of online professional education and training, as well as healthcare BPO and digital content creation services, established in the year 2000.  It has customers in the USA, Canada, France and India.  Its elearning expertise includes content creation, instructional design, graphic animation, and learning management systems. Azimuth Academy is the professional training arm of Azimuth. The company sells its training content online through its website and through distributors that resell the course under their own brands.
Azimuth strategies include creation and acquisition of content, and collaboration and partnership with other elearning companies. Its content development expertise includes basic medical sciences, engineering, healthcare, English, life skills, soft skills and basic computer and IT courses.

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Media Contact Details
Mr. Anand K, Vice President, Azimuth, +91-9843702020, +91 (413) 2200954, info@azisoft.com
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