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Follow these tips to reach all the right targets

Consistent, Targeted Messaging
A single, newsworthy topic must be on the top of your checklist of writing an effective press release for your target audiences. A release with a clearly identifiable topic, which includes keywords and phrases that are likely to matter to your targets, is more likely to be found in search, read by your audiences, and shared through the social networks that boost your search ranking with authoritative, earned links.

Include Your Company Logo
Build recognition by including your logo at the top of your release. This comes at no additional charge to you. Your logo is likely to be the first image people find when searching for your brand or organization name.

Write a Clear, Concise Headline
Search engines rely heavily on page titles to determine ranking, and your press release's headline is its page title. Build a clear, straightforward, and concise headline. For proper indexing by news sites, your headline should be between 2 and 22 words. Think of how you can interest information seekers and people in your story and let them know what it's all about. Search engine results often limit titles to around 67 characters, so make sure your most important information is right upfront in the headline.

Use Sub-headlines
Subheads are a good place to incorporate additional keywords that are not in your headline, although they are not included in page title tags. They also provide quick guidance and information to readers as they decide whether to continue reading.

Add Meaningful Links
Use links in your release to direct your audiences to relevant additional content: Backgrounders and FAQs for reporters and analysts, product purchase pages and reviews for customers, campaign-specific landing pages, and so on. Relevant, context-appropriate links in your press release facilitate measurable traffic to your own site and enhance the integration of your PR and marketing efforts. Links in press release issued via Business Wire India employ "no follow" tags per search engine guidelines. So, while the links in your press release may not enhance SEO, they improve user experience; when used in third-party coverage and mentions, do provide earned media SEO benefit.

Use Text Formatting for Emphasis
Bold, italic, underlined and bulleted text help emphasize key points in your release, break up your content into easily digestible sections and provide visual cues for skimmers to quickly pick up the gist of your news.

Include Multimedia
Multimedia makes your release stand out to reporters and readers, and embedded images enhance your press release reach and visibility five times more. Google Images receives a massive amount of search traffic and drives readers back to your release. Optimize your images by making sure they have clear file names which accurately describe the image and incorporate a keyword (e.g., "Important Product Name.jpg" rather than "DSC_1234.jpg"). Include a descriptive caption for any multimedia asset you distribute.

Include Complete Contact Information
Always provide up-to-date phone numbers and e-mail addresses in your press releases as a way for media to follow up with any questions. Consider including a Twitter handle or other social media profile. Do not include contact details for communication tools you do not monitor regularly.

Include Identifiers for Publicly Traded Companies
If your company is publicly traded, include your exchange, stock symbol and International Securities Identifier Number (ISIN). These maximize access and search functionality of your press release in financial databases and news systems.


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