93 percent of Restaurant Customers Agree That Technology Improves Dining Experience LimeTray Report


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93 percent of Restaurant Customers Agree That Technology Improves Dining Experience, LimeTray Report

  • Thursday, June 27, 2019 9:00AM IST (3:30AM GMT)
New Delhi, Delhi, India:  LimeTray has revealed a global report on Restaurant Technology in 2019. It dives into the current state of technology adoption in restaurants and how it influences nearly all core functions - acquiring customers, booking tables, processing orders, billing, payments, inventory, marketing and retention. 

Restaurant Technology Report
Decisions today are based on insights derived from data. From a technology standpoint, modern day integrated systems ensure that multiple restaurant processes and functions take place simultaneously and in tandem. For instance, data fed in through the restaurant POS on punch-in seamlessly integrates with CRM, Loyalty & Analytics modules. Once the data is layered into the right buckets, it is now possible to derive more meaning through it.
Technology is at the forefront of this data boom and it is important that restaurant businesses factor this into their overall restaurant management strategies.
The aim of conducting a cross country research is to enable restaurants everywhere - stay relevant and profitable in a constantly changing industry.
Key questions answered:
  • What a good restaurant experience means for customers vs. what restaurant owners prioritize.
  • At what point does a restaurant become a favourite for customers?
  • How do customers discover restaurants?
  • What are the ongoing challenges with aggregators and delivery apps for restaurant owners?
  • What technology features are restaurant owners looking for in 2019 and beyond?
Key findings include:
  • 53% diners eat out once a week and 33% twice a week. While 64% order twice or more per week.
  • 95% of the restaurants and 83% of the diners feel that online ordering is the most important technology feature offered by a restaurant.
  • Fast service, quality of food, service, loyalty, and offers - they key areas to make the dining experience good for customers.
  • 74% of diners rank discounts as the second most important feature for a restaurant’s online ordering website.
  • 81.2% of restaurants said that analytics is an important part of their business.
For more key stats and findings, access the full report: Restaurant Technology in 2019: A global report
Survey Methodology

Number of respondents - 600
Geographies - India, US, UK, and UAE
Diner respondents - 480
Age range
18-30 - 56.8%
30-50 - 39.3%
50+ - 3.8%
Restaurant owner or manager respondents - 120
Outlet range
1 - 15.5%
2-10 - 69.8%
10-20 - 12.9%
20+ - 1.7%
Access the full Restaurant Technology Report here - Restaurant Technology Report 2019

About LimeTray

LimeTray is a SaaS company providing full-stack restaurant management solutions. It has acquired a client base of 4500+ restaurants since its inception in 2013. It currently services clients in India, US, UK, UAE, South Africa and is rapidly expanding to other geographies.

LimeTray’s software technology spans across the entire ecosystem of restaurant functions - Cloud Restaurant POS technology, Online food ordering platforms. Restaurant CRM, Restaurant Marketing, Inventory Management, Operations Management and more.
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