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Partner with us for Press release distribution and get best in class service, guaranteed postings on tier 1 media and maximum reach

Hundreds of public companies worldwide rely on Business Wire to deliver their material news and fulfill their regulatory disclosure requirements. Our network ensures that your news is delivered simultaneously to regulatory authorities, media, analysts, investors and all your other audiences.

Business Wire meets the regulatory disclosure requirements. Business Wire’s patented high-speed network ensures that your news is disclosed to regulatory authorities, investors, media, analysts and all your other target audiences. It is a trusted, recognized disclosure vehicle for financial news in the US, Canada and in markets throughout Europe -- more than any other wire service.

Business Wire provides complete disclosure solutions in multiple European markets, including comprehensive FCA filing services in the UK.

In compliance with the EU's Transparency Obligations Directive, Business Wire’s Disclosure networks include distribution to key media, in addition to direct dissemination to professional investor systems, portals, online services, and leading archival databases. Working with international distribution partners, some exclusive, Business Wire provides easy-one-stop access to critical European markets.

Business Wire offers an economical, one-stop solution for your required 8-K and 6-K filings.

Business Wire’s EDGARit ComboPacks distribute your news release to media in your chosen geographic circuit and to the investment community, while filing your HTML 8-K or 6-K in the SEC's EDGAR database — with no rush rates or additional filing fees. We offer a Basic option for simple HTML formatting of your EDGAR filing, and a Custom option that mirrors the look of your submitted file including all logos and graphics.

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