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Partner with us for Press release distribution and get best in class service, guaranteed postings on tier 1 media and maximum reach

For effective communication, you need to reach the right audiences. Over the last two decades, Business Wire India has been providing you with numerous targeting options to deliver your press releases including financial results and multimedia elements to the media across the globe.
For your India press release distribution reach all your targets – digital, print, broadcast, reporters, editors, consumers, financial and news portals, websites, news syndicators, bloggers, social media networks, and more.
Press releases are tagged for target industries, so they reach the right audiences. Categories include technology, automotive, fashion & lifestyle, media & entertainment, travel, BFSI, education, health & pharma, hospitality, energy, environment, social, e-commerce, travel and many more.
For more than 60 years, Business Wire has been connecting audiences with organizations. For International news targeting when you make an announcement, we make sure that it is reaching the media covering your specific industry. With over 150 trade media categories, your news will reach the right audience, every time. Industry specific media targets include: technology, biosciences, entertainment, energy, automotive, health, sports, and more.
Reach media, consumers, and the financial community nearly anywhere in the world. News has no borders, so use our global circuits for distribution in every region of the world, in 20 plus languages.
Business Wire also has a partnership with VentureBeat. This option enables you to have your news posted to the front page of, appearing alongside other top news that draws more than 10 million monthly page views by the venture capital investment community.

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