Cortiqa Health an Enterprise Wellness Platform Launches Its Mobile Application CoHeal


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Cortiqa Health, an Enterprise Wellness Platform Launches Its Mobile Application CoHeal

  • Friday, February 3, 2023 9:00AM IST (3:30AM GMT)
Bangalore, Karnataka, India:  Cortiqa Health Pvt. Ltd., an Enterprise Wellness Platform, aimed at democratizing wellness by emphasizing on the Peri-Ambulatory setting and empowering organizations and individuals with their wellness data, announced today the launch of its Mobile Application - CoHeal. The Bio-Scan test of CoHeal is a simple non-invasive test to monitor Resting Heart Rate and stress in real-time. This is now available to download for free on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.
Lack of awareness on wellness, low priority of healthcare, limited access to diagnostics, high dependency on healthcare workforce for health assessments, the urban rural healthcare divide, affordability gap, inconsistent monitoring of wellness and lack of a holistic view on wellness have been further exacerbated by the recent pandemic. With emphasis on technology, integration of human expertise and passion for wellness, a group of serial entrepreneurs, unicorn executives, private equity professionals, healthcare IT, wellness, and manufacturing executives, have come together to create CoHeal. CoHeal’s mission is to create a healthier community with a meaningful impact on human health and wellbeing, by making wellness accessible, affordable, and easy-to-use, using existing technology coupled with human expertise.
The smartphone is a ubiquitous information powerhouse, with an ever-increasing penetration rate. With computer vision and deep learning, CoHeal Bio-Scan quantifies stress in real-time and generates meaningful insights. The CoHeal platform puts the user at the centre of the care setting, with primary emphasis on their health and wellbeing. CoHeal uses a simple non-invasive technology to provide a holistic view of wellness data. The AI enabled CoHeal Mobile Application is supported on Android and iOS platforms.
CoHeal Bio-Scan helps detect the Heart Rate Variability (HRV) that is indicative of current and future health conditions such as chronic stress, anxiety, depression, and cardiac health. The test gives individual stress scores, which is a geometric measure of HRV reflecting cardiovascular stress. Based on these stress scores, CoHeal analyses wellness patterns and structures a personalized set of healing widgets. These widgets are tuned to specific needs and aimed at providing better mental clarity, improving immune response, and reducing stress levels.
Cortiqa Health has recently secured ISO certification for its work on design and development of its device and software.
“The advent of home-based tests, unhindered by socio-economic and cultural boundaries, have empowered individuals to diagnose minimal dependencies, better convenience, and lower costs,” says Kokila Kakhandaki, Co-Founder & Senior Partner - Community Success at Cortiqa Health.
“CoHeal is democratizing wellness by emphasizing on the Peri-Ambulatory setting,” says Sharat Krishnagiri, Co-Founder & Senior Partner - Technology at Cortiqa Health. Adding on, Sharat further emphasizes, “CoHeal is empowering organizations and individuals with their wellness data.”

About Cortiqa Health Pvt. Ltd.

Cortiqa Health is building CoHeal, a smartphone-based wellness platform enabling real-time measurement of vital health indicators. CoHeal focuses on making wellness accessible, affordable and easy-to-use, using existing technology coupled with recent advancements in technology and human expertise, to provide a smartphone-based, AI-enabled, non-invasive, quantitative, point-of-care-testing platform.

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About Kokila Kakhandaki

Kokila is a certified wellness practitioner and researcher with a PhD in human biofield science. Over the last 5 years, Kokila has worked with individuals and groups to study the effects of stress and other lifestyle diseases on the human body and mind. Kokila has over 13 years of industry experience in helping organizations improve the quality and success rates of their software products. Her expertise includes product testing, quality assurance and establishing new generation crowd-testing services. Kokila holds a Bachelors in Engineering (Electrical & Electronics) from Bangalore University and MS and PhD from Yoga Samskrutham university, Florida, USA.
About Sharat Krishnagiri

Sharat was most recently the Executive Director at Vista Consulting Group, providing counsel for several Vista portfolio companies and helping them define their Value Creation Plan and executing on their global business objectives. Prior to joining VCG, Sharat was General Manager at Advanced, a Vista portco, where he worked on creating & building a world-class CoE delivering enhanced capabilities and value. He was also instrumental in standardizing various processes and procedures globally bringing transformation and standardization. Prior to Advanced, Sharat has served as Director of Engineering at Sunquest, where he was responsible for launching new global products and enhancing delivery capabilities across US, UK and India delivery centres. Sharat has worked with startups in the US in the ecommerce domain architecting the entire solution lifecycle. Sharat holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Tech from University of Pune.

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