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Debut Author Amisha Sethi's Spiritual Dramedy Opens Pre Orders 'Online'

  • Friday, August 7, 2015 6:25PM IST (12:55PM GMT)
Bengaluru, Karnataka, India: 

  • Creates A Big Bang On Pre-Order; Climbs To Top 50 List Of Amazon's Best Selling New  And Future Releases

  • Music Video On ‘Niceness Is Infectious” To Be Released Soon

a book by Global Marketing and Business Leader turned Debut Author Amisha Sethi has opened its pre-orders at Amazon.in, India’s largest online store. She is an executive scholar from Kellogg School of Management. The book being published by Srishti Publishers is a first-of-its-kind genre fiction. The book is priced at Rs. 175/- but amazon.in buyers will get with 25% discount making it Rs. 130/- along with author’s signatures if you pre-order.

The book is a dramedy - a spiritual drama with sprays of comedy. It beautifully rediscovers spirituality with a pinch of salt and humour. It’s a story of a young woman and her hilarious, dramatic and enthralling experiences to understand ‎the ultimate purpose of her life, which is – to be a better human with each passing day.  In the book, teachings of ancient scriptures and global philosophers are transcended in the simplest form to touch many lives in a funtainment way.

‘IT DOESN’T HURT TO BE NICE’ is scheduled to be release in September 2015 and would be available at all leading book stores. The link for the exclusive amazon offer is http://www.amazon.in/Doesnt-Hurt-Be-Nice/dp/938266548X. Interestingly, ‘IT DOESN’T HURT TO BE NICE’ has created a big bang on pre-orders. On the day opening it ranked 102 within 24hours and was listed in Amazon India’s z and Shakers which identifies the biggest gainers in sales rank compared to twenty-four hours previously at the end of the opening day. And on August 7th it rose to top 50 lists of Amazon's best selling new and future.

Amisha Sethi, the award winning corporate honcho who has worked with leading companies like BlackBerry, Airtel and AirAsia in leadership positions with a smile “This book is dedicated to the divinity of every single person I have met in my life. I hope to live up to everyone’s expectations and if by reading this book even if one person gets positively impacted, I will be smiling bright.”

"Srishti has worked for two decades with the belief that everyone has a story to tell, and ensures to give debut authors the platform they need. Amisha’s book is unlike any other. The simplicity of the content, garnished with the strong undercurrent of spirituality, and beautifully served with humour. Since today’s youth is rediscovering spirituality, this book is like a breath of fresh air. And Amisha personifies all that she talks about in the book, making the content more relevant and realistic", says Arup Bose from Srishti Publishers.

A music video with ‘Niceness is Infectious” message from this book is going to be released soon.

Debut author Amisha Sethi can be reached at www.amishasethi.com; www.facebook.com/amishasethiauthor


Photo Caption: Amisha Sethi

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