Future for All The ShareOn Way of Giving an Event by ShareOn


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Future for All: The ShareOn Way of Giving, an Event by ShareOn

  • Wednesday, December 21, 2022 10:00AM IST (4:30AM GMT)
New Delhi, Delhi, India:  ShareOn is a fundraising platform built under a European Union and Welthungerhilfe project was created as a consortium of reputed and credible civil society organisations across the country. ShareOn supported by ETI services held an event on 19th December 2022 at the India International Centre in New Delhi.

The core theme of the event was- the importance of bringing communities together for effective change and how change-makers and influencers can contribute to this journey. The panels focused on 'The Power of Giving' which aims to find a path to create sustainable and valuable on ground impacts by supporting CSOs in capacity building, community mobilisation and self-sufficiency.

The key speakers at the webinar included Dr Dalbir Singh, Chairman, One Globe Forum, Advisor, Board, Girl Rising India, and Senior Advisor, Forum of Federations Canada; Ms Vasuki Punj, Lawyer and Entrepreneur; Mr Sai Krishna Nanduri, CEO, National Skills Foundation; Ms Nivedita Varshneya, Country Director, Wetlhungerhilfe India; Mr Maanik Mahna, Social and Political Activist; Ms Mahima Vashisht, Climate change Expert, UNICEF; Dr Sukriti Chauhan, CEO, ETI Services; Mr Rahul Jain, Project Coordinator, Welthungerhilfe India; Ms Divya Vasudeva, Radio Jockey, Radio City 91.1; Mr Maulik Sisodia, Executive Director, Tarun Bharat Sangh; Dr Simi Mehta, CEO, Impact and Policy Research Institution; Ms Richa Shankar, Co-Founder, TnS Consulting; Ms Neelmani Gupta, Communication Coordinator, Shramik Bharti and Mr Sandeep Mishra, Founder, Catalytic Corps.

Dr Dalbir Singh, Chairman, One Globe Forum, in his keynote addresses that the world today is torn by conflict, violence and unrest. It is virtually on a Razors Edge. The civil society, the communities and the Government structure must build synergy to promote harmony and sustainable peace to expand humanitarian cooperation with a view to build an inclusive and an equitable world where no one is counted as the marginalized and deprived and the spirit that ShareOn reflects and manifests in collaborative endeavour of communities to build the lives of the under-privileged and the vulnerable population.

“Before we get into the power of giving we must understand why one must give at all, It is a holistic bond that ties together the giver as well as the recipient. For the recipient, it’s a gesture of kindness that has added value to their lives - financially or socially but for the giver, it becomes an act of self-value and adds to self-worth. We must all practice giving and integrate it into our routine lives so that change-making becomes a habit,” added Ms Vasuki Punj, Lawyer and Entrepreneur.

Mr Sai Krishna Nanduri, CEO, National Skills Foundation mentioned “Money alone can’t bring about change. Sure, it is essential to facilitate change, but first change must come from within. This is why crowdfunding is an important tool of giving. If we have to talk about change then platforms like ShareOn become essential as they generate responsibility and a willingness to keep giving.”

Ms Nivedita Varshneya, Country Director, Wetlhungerhilfe India highlighted, “Most young people aren’t aware of ground realities- how their food is grown, who grows it and how it reaches them. ShareOn is a platform for young people to connect with these ground realities. It focuses on long-term sustainability to foster change not just through small acts of giving.”

Ms Mahima Vashisht, Climate Change Expert, UNICEF, spoke about building social behaviour change campaigns saying, “Availability, accessibility and affordability are the three pillars of designing successful and inclusive campaigns for change. We must implement a two way communication system that works through effective listening and not taking actions based on just assumption. It is important to listen to the people that you are building campaigns for. Campaigns must be tailored exactly to people’s need.”

About ShareOn

ShareOn is a fundraising platform built under a European Union and Welthungerhilfe project, which was created as a consortium of reputed and credible civil society organisations across the country.

Most of the existing fundraising platforms are from for-profit organisations and a need was felt for a platform from the non-profit sector itself which led to the birth of www.ShareOn.in created by a consortium of reputed and credible CSOs like National Skills Foundation of India, Mahatma Gandhi Seva Ashram & Pravah.

About 40 partner organisations of Welthungerhilfe and their affiliated community-based organisations are working on campaigns and development initiatives related to land, water, forests, right to food, ecopreneurship, and food and nutrition security to be launched on ShareOn.

The goal is to reach 5,00,000 vulnerable and most marginalised populations and help India work towards the sustainable development goals (SDGs).

ShareOn also provides training and handholding support to CSOs on various communications tools, like storytelling, content writing, branding, website reviews, social media marketing, PR, etc. for successful fundraising. Additionally, we provide organizational development support to CSOs for governance, operations, communications, human resources, finance and legal compliances.

For more: https://shareon.in/
About WHH

Welthungerhilfe is one of the largest private aid agencies in Germany; politically and religiously independent. The organisation fights for Zero Hunger by 2030”. Since being founded in 1962, it has provided funding of EUR 4.46 billion for more than 10,895 overseas projects in 70 countries.

In 2021 alone, Welthungerhilfe supported about 16.6 million people with its 526 overseas projects in 36 countries. In real terms, that means: Many people now harvest more and can therefore improve their diets. They now have clean drinking water or toilets at home, which leaves them less susceptible to illness. Others are earning or producing more and can begin an education. For the children, Welthungerhilfe's support means a chance of improved physical and mental development.

Welthungerhilfe bases its efforts on the principle of help for self-help, which it implements with measures ranging from rapid disaster relief to rehabilitation to long-term development cooperation projects with national and international partner organisations.

About ETI

ETI signifies an arrival/approachwith an aim to create safe and equitable access to health and security. ETI follows an approach of leave no one behindemphasizing access to services for all, especially the most vulnerable and marginalized. ETI tracks the ever-evolving landscape of health, science and development priorities in India and across the globe to provide competitive strategies and ideas for impact. We believe in evidence-driven interventions to ensure that the most effective solutions available are employed, with the aim of enhancing program outcomes. To this end, ETI works closely with multiple stakeholders, including decision-makers, media, communities, technical experts and well-known champions. Our work is guided by in-house experts with over three decades of experience in government technical advisory, strategy development, and academic research.

For more information on ETI, please visit www.etiservices.org
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