HackerEarths Hire 1O1 Conference Highlights the Need to Make Tech Hiring More Resilient Amid Increased Market Challenges


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HackerEarth’s Hire 1O(1) Conference Highlights the Need to Make Tech Hiring More Resilient Amid Increased Market Challenges

  • Monday, August 29, 2022 5:46PM IST (12:16PM GMT)
Annual conference of industry experts and practitioners discussed strategies and actionable insights for building future-ready tech teams
Bengaluru, Karnataka, India:  
HackerEarth, a global company that helps enterprises recruit, evaluate, and upskill developers based on specific skills, concluded the 3rd edition of their flagship conference, Hire 1O(1). With the goal of arming attendees with the confidence to navigate complex challenges and increased competition for top tech talent, the conference saw participation from leading tech companies in Bangalore.

Hire 1O(1), the industry’s definitive tech recruiting conference, saw the coming together of some of the biggest names in tech recruiting and leaders from across domains who shared actionable insights on building great tech teams. The discussions kicked off with a keynote delivered by Mino Thomas, Senior Director, Talent Acquisition, Adobe India, which highlighted the need to empower and create a hiring ecosystem that focuses on skills. One that not only creates resilience in recruitment but also gets rid of biases from the hiring processes.
At the panel discussion on the theme of making Tech Hiring Processes Resilient, talent leaders from Teachmint, Thoughtworks, Clear, and Tekion discussed the importance and complexities of non-traditional tech hiring that creates a more accommodative and safe space for all stakeholders. The speakers also explored ways of establishing people centred HR systems at a time when the tech ecosystem is seeing significant churn in organisations across the sizes.
One of the main takeaways of the panel was that in the last 2.5 years the tech industry has faced severe headwinds as a result of the pandemic. Moving forward, decision makers need to re-look at tech hiring as a function that navigates ecosystem challenges and facilitates growth. Tech teams of tomorrow are increasingly becoming a cross-silo and cross-organisational function, doing away with fixed hierarchies and functional domains. The hiring trends that the industry adopts today will play a huge role in creating resilient tech teams of the future.
Commenting on the first offline Hire 1O(1) post-pandemic, Vishwastam Shukla, CTO, HackerEarth, said, "Tech hiring should never be looked at as a singular event. From employer branding to sourcing to assessing, interviewing and retaining, hiring is a continuous and integrated process. Organisations need to look at executing this entire funnel in a seamless manner, instead of as isolated instances: all while accounting for ebbs and flows of the macro-level changes in the larger market."
Winding up the conference, Swetha Harikrishnan, HR Director, HackerEarth, said, “It is more important than ever to have the difficult conversations in recruiting and create hiring processes that dwell on overall employee wellness and the mental health of recruiting teams, rather than just chasing staffing deadlines."
Held on August 25, 2022 in Bangalore, the niche invite-only Hire 1O(1) 2022 saw participation from as many as 60+ top companies and 90+ talent experts. Participants had the opportunity to learn how industry-leading organisations hire tech talent while also networking with recruiting and technology leaders. Event attendees were also given an exclusively designed recruiter’s handbook containing proven tips and tricks to make tech recruiting better. 

About HackerEarth
HackerEarth is a global company that helps large enterprises recruit, evaluate, and upskill developers based on specific skills. The company's platform enables recruiters to make the most accurate and informed decisions about candidates, improve hiring efficiencies, facilitate continuous learning and development, and ensure the right developers are matched with the right positions. HackerEarth is also a leading facilitator of online hackathons and coding challenges, where its community of over 7 million developers can upskill and practice for employment interviews. The company was founded in 2012 with offices in San Francisco and India.
HackerEarth’s platform is designed based on industry needs for tech recruiters and hiring managers to increase their hiring efficiency and find the best tech talent. HackerEarth provides an integrated solution to the whole cycle of tech recruiting - from sourcing and interviewing to engaging developers post hire. The company has a community of over 7 million developers, who connect, take challenges and hackathons to improve their skills and identify new opportunities. In 2021, HackerEarth's assessments and hackathons were used by over 1,700 companies and helped minimise hiring time by 50% for employers during post-pandemic-induced recruiting problems.

For more information, visit http://www.hackerearth.com
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