MamyPoko Launches a Personalized Bedtime Story Microsite to Celebrate Pokochans Birthday


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MamyPoko Launches a Personalized Bedtime Story Microsite to Celebrate Pokochan’s Birthday

  • Wednesday, July 10, 2024 4:18PM IST (10:48AM GMT)
New Initiative Aims to Foster Deep Sleep and Strengthen Bonds Between Parents and Babies
India:  MamyPoko is thrilled to announce the celebration of Pokochan's Birthday with the launch of an innovative microsite designed to create personalized bedtime stories for infants. Pokochan, the cherished figure of MamyPoko, comes from Japan and is loved globally for his commitment to guaranteeing the health and wellness of infants. Known for his energetic and happy demeanour, Pokochan symbolizes the brand's dedication to nurturing kids and helping them grow healthy.
This year, MamyPoko is celebrating Pokochan's Birthday with a special gift for the parents and their little ones. The microsite stands out with its unique feature, allowing parents to make their babies the heroes of their bedtime stories and giving them cherished moments for a lifetime. This initiative is based on MamyPoko’s fundamental belief that deep, regular sleep is essential for the baby's growth and development, and bedtime stories play a significant role in this nightly routine.

"Pokochan shares a special bond with all his little friends and is always looking for new ways to strengthen this beautiful connection," said Toshiyuki Nakamura, Vice President Marketing of Unicharm. "Our new microsite is a heartfelt gift from Pokochan, designed to transport babies to a dreamy wonderland through personalized bedtime stories crafted by their parents. To ensure a continuous supply of the stories a fresh, personalized content will be launched every month in addition to the ones already available"
The microsite launched to celebrate Pokochan's birthday is expected to elicit an enthusiastic response from customers and the general public. As a free tool, it is poised to become a treasured part of bedtime routines, reinforcing MamyPoko’s commitment to the health and happiness of babies everywhere.


About MamyPoko

We are proud to be the inventors of India's 1st Pant Style Diapers, and we firmly believe in creating a healthy atmosphere for your children by using the premium Japanese technology.

MamyPoko aims to support the growth of your baby, ensuring their happiness, health, and hygiene at every stage of their development. Our main focus is on lending every mother a helping hand as she makes decisions on how to best take care of her baby. MamyPoko strives to continuously adapt with innovative technology in order to meet the ever-growing needs of mothers and babies. Our priority is to nurture the wonderful relationship between a mother and her little one.

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