MamyPoko Pants Celebrates Poko chans Birthday with Underprivileged Kids at Samarpan Foundation


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MamyPoko Pants Celebrates Poko chan's Birthday with Underprivileged Kids at Samarpan Foundation

  • Thursday, July 13, 2023 3:40PM IST (10:10AM GMT)
Delhi, India:  
MamyPoko Pants, one of India’s leading brands in baby care products, recently celebrated the birthday of its beloved mascot, Poko chan, in a heartwarming event held at the Samarpan Foundation. The event aimed at bringing joy to underprivileged children aged between 3 to 8 while distributing diapers alongside.
Samarpan Foundation is a charitable not-for-profit entity with an innate fondness for children. Their efforts are directed towards spreading love and happiness on children’s faces and providing global assistance towards their overall welfare. MamyPoko recognized this spirit of selflessness in uplifting those around them and had no second thoughts about their choice in the Samarpan Foundation. The foundation's philosophy of love, peace, happiness, kindness, simplicity, and clarity is something that MamyPoko resonated with.
The event’s highlight was the mass distribution of diapers in Kishangarh village. The household representatives of the village were invited to the Kishangarh Primary School and Tuition Centre, a community for child development, to give away diapers. Along with that, representatives from Mamypoko Pants went door to door to neighbouring households to distribute diapers for babies and infants.
Speaking about the event, Yuji Ikeda, Vice President at MamyPoko, said, "As a brand, we believe that children are the embodiment of innocence in the purest form. This made us all the more overjoyed to celebrate Poko chan's birthday with the younglings of the school. We wish to provide children with an environment where they can enjoy their childhood."
Vice Chairperson of Samarpan Foundation, Ms Roohi Sharma, sharing her thoughts about the event, said, "We are delighted to have come together to celebrate the joyous birthday of a character who makes so many children smile. Children mean the world to us, and nothing fills our hearts more than seeing them happy."
MamyPoko Pants aims to dedicate itself to the well-being of children and continues to support initiatives that uplift underprivileged communities. By celebrating Poko chan's birthday with these young souls, the brand hopes to inspire others to create a brighter future for every child.

About MamyPoko Pants:

We’re the innovators of India’s first Pant Style Diapers and also believers in creating a healthy environment for your babies using premium Japanese technology. MamyPoko supports the growth of a baby and makes sure that it stays happy, healthy and hygienic throughout the different stages of its growth. The main focus is on lending the mother a helping hand as she makes decisions on how to best take care of her baby. We will always give preference to protecting the beautiful relationship between a mother and her baby rather than just selling our products.

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