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Company Name : PRQA

Wednesday, September 13, 2017 7:48PM IST (2:18PM GMT)


PRQA Updates Flagship Static Code Analysis Tools

Improved analysis and configuration options

London, United Kingdom

PRQA has released new versions of the market leading QA·C and QA·C++ automated static code analysis tools. QA·C 9.3.1 and QA·C++ 4.1 provide even better analysis and an improved GUI.


“Automated static code analysis, by removing coding defects before compilation, cuts down on test and debug time, bringing projects to completion faster and with better quality code,” said Paul Blundell, CEO of PRQA. “The new releases of QA·C and QA·C++ are designed to improve still further the analysis phase, with subsequent benefits throughout the development process.”


The two tools share the PRQA Framework 2.2 platform which provides faster detection of coding defects with fewer “false positives”. A Diagnostic Severity Filter, controlled by a slider in the GUI, allows the analysis to focus on the most important code defects for a rapid turnaround, while new capabilities provide the ability to manage analysis configurations for multiple build variants within a single project. There is also a new facility to detect any issues caused by passing function parameters between translations.


Also in the new releases is extended full coverage of MISRA C:2012 coding guidelines and greater support for CERT C security coding standards.


While the tools can be integrated into standard industry IDEs, a new GUI provides improved management tools, particularly for project configuration and traceability of defects and fixes throughout the product development cycle.


PRQA’s solutions perform the deepest possible analysis of software code to prevent, detect and eliminate defects. They automatically apply coding rules to ensure compliance with safety and security standards and improve software maintainability.


QA·C 9.3.1 and QA·C++ 4.1 are available now from prqa.com


About PRQA


PRQA supplies the highest performing code quality management solution for embedded software, providing developers with confidence in the safety, security and reliability of their code. Our solution has been developed for over 30 years, drawing on an extensive body of expertise in the C and C++ programming languages and best practice software development.







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Media Contacts
Richard Walker
Email: richard_walker@prqa.com
Tel: +44 (0) 1932 88 80 80
Napier Partnership Limited
Suzy Kenyon, PR Agent for Programming Research
Email: suzy@napierb2b.com
Tel: +44 1243 531 123

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