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Company : Budli 
Thursday, September 19, 2013 11:04AM IST (5:34AM GMT)
Budli India's First Instant Online ReCommerce Portal Launched
Kolkata, West Bengal, India

Apple announced new iPhones on September 10th. Samsung recently launched a plethora of new devices. With technology throwing us ever newer and cooler gadgets at breakneck speed, it isn't surprising that even relatively new products are becoming outdated soon.

However, there is a problem – what happens to our old gadgets? Do you hang on to the device without even using it and let it lose value lying in a drawer somewhere? How about selling your used gadgets quickly, easily and getting a genuine price in exchange? Local dealers do not assure you of a fair price in return and usually only offer buy backs when buying something new from them. Online auctions or Classified Ads sites are too cumbersome. The user does not know, if at all, when and at what price a product will sell. Talking to many different people and price haggling is not only time consuming but also hassling. This is where Budli (which means exchange in Hindi) comes in. It lets the customers trade in used devices conveniently and effortlessly and get paid in return.

How Budli works?

India's first instant online ReCommerce (Reverse eCommerce) portal, www.budli.in offers a free, instant online price quote for used gadgets. By easily selecting the product, specification, condition, age and accessories included, the system provides an instant online dynamic price quote. If the customer accepts the offer, the product is collected free of cost and shipped to Budli for checking after which the offered amount is paid.

Some of the gadgets that Budli trades in include:

-- Used Smartphones

-- Used Tablets

-- Used Laptops

-- Used iPods

This is a new unique concept for anyone wanting to sell their used gadgets. These are the advantages offered to the user:

Value: There's no haggling…for all the aforesaid gadgets that you sell, you get a fair price on your products.

Speed: No need to wait to find the right buyer or the right bid for your product. It's the fastest way to get rid of your used gadget.

Convenience: You sell at 3 simple easy steps - Price Quote+Shipping+Getting Paid! Sell your gadget online instantly without having to compromise, from the comfort of your home/office.

Transparent: No hidden charges. And, free shipment pickups from most locations across India.

Risk Free: Fair value of your products, else it is returned back to you free of cost.

Environment Friendly: Last but not the least; it is indeed a big way to contribute to the environment. Your device is recycled/re-commerced in an environmentally friendly manner.

"We strive to be the leader in the Recommerce sector in India. Until now, there were no options to easily value the price a used gadget. Also, selling the gadget was a cumbersome and time consuming process- from listing the product for sale in auctions, or using classified ads to visiting local dealers. And after putting is so much effort it didn't guarantee a sale and fair price for the gadget", says Rohit Bagaria, the Founder & CVO of Budli.

"Once we receive the used gadgets we refurbish, recycle and resell them in an environment-friendly manner through various distribution mechanisms. We currently accept Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops & iPods. The inventory of products accepted in our website is fast increasing" adds Rohit, who recently spoke about Budli in a panel discussion on entrepreneurship at IIM Calcutta.

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Rohit Bagaria, Budli, +91 9007919199, contact@budli.in
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