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Company : Ibibo.com  
Tuesday, January 8, 2008 11:06AM IST (5:36AM GMT)
Ibibo.com Launched New Ad Commercial
New Delhi, Delhi, India

Ibibo.com, India's fastest growing social networking website today launched a new advertisement ‘the Balti (Bucket)'. As the core proposition of ibibo.com is to enable you to find and discover new people across India, just as you would on a long train journey, the ad is about the basic human need which is to talk, share and connect. Ibibo.com believes in offering the customer a micro perspective by launching innovative internet products and services with a decidedly local flavor.

Ibibo brings people together to "Empower Indians to create and share information and in the process, discover people." This drive is an extension of raising awareness on various subjects wherein people who share a common interest can interact.

Ashish Kashyap, CEO, ibibo Web Pvt Ltd, said, "The brief that we gave to the agency was simple – to create a clutter breaking campaign that drives home the fact that everyone has the need to share, express, bond and meet new people. This is true especially for Indians, who are known for their extremely social nature and fondness to interact and be friends with people they meet on the streets, at restaurants, or on a train. The core proposition of ibibo.com is to let Indians discover other Indians with similar interests and profiles and we are delighted that the ad has achieved that message delivery admirably."

About TVC

If we trace back, Indian train journeys have always been a special platform to connect with absolute strangers. Films have been made on cross country train journeys with strangers connecting and talking. People end up bonding and making new friends, which more often than not, outlast the journey. In short, it's a perfect setting for ibibo.com's launch commercial.

The commercial features a well versed train traveler from the heartland of India doing his utmost to converse and attempt to bond with another passenger. His various attempts are, however, regularly and consistently disrupted. The viewer conjures up various images of who this second person or entity could be who is completely unaffected by the numerous attempts at friendship. Interestingly the protagonist is an optimistic individual, who is making every attempt to get a conversation going. And the train comes to a screeching halt and then the camera shifts – and you wait to see whether your imaginative conjuring will find a match and what do you see – A bucket or a Balti!!

The Balti of course being symbolic of a person who does not respond and has nothing to share – and we have all come across many!! Subtle humor plays a strong role which runs as a thread through the entire commercial; with the most unusual revelation at the end of the BALTI is the final closure!! "Kuch log balti hote hain, aur balti nahin bolti, bolta hai India ibibo.com par."

The Balti is the anti-thesis of ibibo.com. It's the most inanimate of objects, which represents everything ibibo.com is not. Ibibo.com is alive with hundreds of thousands of Indians expressing themselves and bonding with others. Since users on ibibo are empowered to create, collaborate and thereby connect with each other. Nicely summed up in the last VO, "To banao naye dost aur karo bond, on ibibo.com" – the BALTI's can all wait in their own worlds of silence while the majority of India can come and find themselves a collaborative audience on ibibo.com.

About ibibo:

ibibo Web (P) Ltd was founded in August 2006, and the product had a limited release in January 2007. During its Beta release, ibibo.com garnered a registered base of over 950,000 people with high level of activity for its various social applications. Ibibo.com currently has over 4 million blog posts, 250,000 questions and 500,000 answers, 130,000 polls and 15,000 opinions.

In a short span of time, ibibo.com has become one of the fast growing internet based social media businesses in India. With 950,000 registered users, ibibo.com unique visitor rank for the period ending October 2007, as per Comscore was No 16; No.2 blogging site (no.1 blogger), ahead of wordpress, rediff blogs, yahoo 360, indiatimes blogs; No.3 conversational media site (no.1 orkut, no.2 blogger), ahead of wordpress, yahoo groups, sulekha, flickr, bigadda, hi5, face book, linkedin; Worldwide visitors at 4.5 million visitors and ahead of all PepsiCo Sites, Meebo, Business Week etc.

Ibibo.com, core revenue model will be driven by serving targeted advertising.

To view the Commercial Ad, please click on the links given below:

Commercial Ad

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