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Company : Expandable Infra Pvt. Ltd. 
Thursday, June 12, 2014 5:36PM IST (12:06PM GMT)
Sahil Peerzada Triggers Business Venture in Cyprus
New Delhi, Delhi, India

Cyprus needs to invest in the field of oil and gas exploration if it is to become a strong energy centre in the Eastern Mediterranean. And indications suggest the country is on the right path.

The unearthing of considerable quantities of natural gas within the Exclusive Economic Zone of Cyprus, in conjunction with the potential utilization of other gas deposits and future gas findings in the area, opens up new perspectives and creates a new momentum for Cyprus to become an energy market player.

These are not easy times for the people of Cyprus, with austerity measures greatly curbing the aspirations of hundreds of thousands of people. It is therefore only natural that they have placed immense trust in the prospect of a prosperous future and on the recent natural oil and gas discoveries.

Various foreign companies are taking advantage of the opportunities given by the rising sector of oil and gas industry in the island through investment and public-private partnership. Investments have come in the Real Estate sector as well as the region shows great promise for building living and commercial spaces.

Expandable Infra Pvt. Ltd, an Indian Consulting and Investment Company in the Real estate and energy sector, has already pledged millions of dollars as investment in a national project.

Led by the young and dynamic chairman Sahil Peerzada, Expandable Infra has pumped in mega bucks in ‘AGR’ and the ‘Zenon Consortium’. The company has invested in the oil well rig management in partnership with AGR and has funded, in part, in the trenching and excavation exercises.

Sahil Peerzada understands that Oil and Gas companies across the globe are eyeing for sensible solutions to help them tackle the present-day tasks of a global slowdown. Expandable Consulting, offers innovative engineering solutions that provide unique answers to these challenges in areas of upstream and downstream consulting. “Expandable Infra is also working in partnership with global players in looking at newer options for Oil and Gas exploration blocks”, says Sahil Peerzada.

Sahil Peerzada’s astute leadership, visionary and creative thinking has been responsible for the large strides that the company has already made. With focus on the fluctuating market sensitivities, Expandable has strategically defined its organisation model to enable growth through enhanced levels of equality. The configuration is put together around diverse businesses that meet the needs of different industries.

In Consulting and Real Estate business, Expandable has an international presence. Sahil Peerzada has successfully initiated and closed a contract that involves large investment with Zenon Consortium in Cyprus. Zenon has been selected by the Government of Cyprus for the redevelopment of the port, the marina and the adjacent land into a prime Mediterranean destination for cruise passengers, leisure boats, entertainment and living.

Expandable has made respectable investment in the project and is likely to offer its consulting services as well.

Cyprus needs more and more such foreign players to enter the region and make contributions to the economy and in the process make a name for their companies and reap rich dividends.

ABOUT Expandable Infra Pvt Ltd:

Expandable Infra Pvt Ltd is a Construction and a Consulting company from India with focus on Oil and Gas, Power, Infrastructure, Real Estate, Duty Free Bonded Warehousing, etc. Incepted by Sahil Peerzada, Expandable has established footprints across seven countries in a short period of 2 years. The company has attained a reputation of pride in all major lines of its business with a strong client and customer-focused approach and constant pursuit for outstanding quality. Expandable has an international presence, with offices in India, Dubai, Malaysia, Cyprus, Iraq and UK and have strategic alliances with some major business houses across the globe.

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