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Nutrinorm Wellness Launches New Range of Beauty and Skin Care Products

  • Thursday, September 12, 2019 3:37PM IST (10:07AM GMT)
Available on e-commerce portals, price starting from Rs 199 onwards
Bengaluru, Karnataka, India:  Nutrinorm Wellness, the emerging herbal and natural products brand based on Ayurveda has launched its new collection of beauty, skincare and haircare products under the categories - Evergreen, Recreate, Rekindle, Captivate, Resistance and Uplift. The products are created from natural ingredients backed with extensive research to give you a beautiful glow, healthy skin and luscious hair. The products are launched to address the needs of dry, oily, sensitive and normal skin. Nutrinorm product range starts at Rs 199 onwards and is available on ecommerce portals like Amazon and Flipkart. These products will also be available in 1000 retail stores across key metros and Tier II cities in India.
Indulge and experience holistic beauty and wellness with pure, natural ingredients & essential oils to nourish and reinvigorate face, skin and body with the Nutrinorm products. For face, the brand has launched face washes for anti-aging, oil control, acne and clear face, blemish control, face scrubs, under eye cream, face mask and night repair cream. For hair, it has found shampoos ranging across dandruff, revitalizing, hair volumizer and protein. On skin, it has created a revitalizing body lotion.
Commenting on the launch of the product range, Dr. Ravi Sankar, Executive Director, Nutrinorm Wellness said, “Skincare and beauty retail is fastest growing industry. There are many competitors in the market with different product and business propositions. Nutrinorm Wellness is happy to announce the range of products and promise to serve its customers with its unique products that provide great results. Our products are made of 100% herbal active ingredients based on scientific research. With a strong team & distribution channels, we are aiming to close total revenue of around 100 crores by end of 2022, and present across 1000 retail stores in key metros and Tier II cities in India by 2020.”
The categories of Nutrinorm’ s products:
Evergreen: Loaded with goodness from the rarest natural ingredients and created with the finest technologies in skin care, the Evergreen range helps to preserve your natural beauty.

Recreate: The Recreate range of products by Nutrinorm are designed to counter the damage by cleansing, smoothening and nourishing your skin to instantly renew your natural beauty.

Rekindle: Crafted to deep clean while maintaining your skin’s natural moisture levels, the Rekindle range is designed to give you a fresher, younger and happier skin.

Captivate: Packed with protein, the most natural ingredient of your hair and a host of other nourishing ingredients, the Captivate range helps to bring back the healthy growth and glow to your hair.

Resistance: The Resistance range of products are scientifically designed to give your skin complete protection from all the harmful rays of sun and keep it hydrated.

Uplift: Created with the confluence of natural ingredients that nourish and cleanse your skin while leaving you a cool and fresh feeling. The Uplift range is to keep your skin young and youthful.

About Nutrinorm Wellness
At Nutrinorm Wellness, we transform lives through our wide range of pure, botanical based products as a confluence of nature & technology. We strive to be an inspirational force that cares for its consumers & empowers them with an everlasting zest & confidence. Our brand is a reflection of our values. It defines who we are, and what we stand for.
Nutrinorm Wellness works primarily with conventional herbal & natural products based on Ayurveda - The science of knowledge, powered by science and propelled by proper education. Nutrinorm Wellness Healthcare is committed to delivering high quality products that are inspired by Ayurveda and driven by a cutting-edge scientific approach. As a team, we work towards “Validation of ancient wisdom through scientific interpretation” through a unique understanding of scriptures that recalibrate ancient knowledge to modern applications.
All our products, services and teams are aligned to ideology 'Inspired by Ayurveda. Propelled by Education. Validated by Research'.
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