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Olymp Trade's 7 Years of Super Trading

  • Wednesday, September 15, 2021 1:24PM IST (7:54AM GMT)
A Magical Celebration is Coming, and You are Invited!
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India:  
Olymp Trade’s 7th anniversary will be marked by a unique trading tournament, the Super 7 Quest. Traders can manifest their superpowers and earn rewards!
On its 7th anniversary, Olymp Trade will make a spectacular online trading tournament, the Super 7 Quest! It’s a week-long trading challenge with each day dedicated to one of the key features of Olymp Trade marked as one of the 7 magical artifacts. As traders complete the challenges, they will earn Stones which will be converted into rewards. At the end of the Quest, there will be a cash prize drawing with a total fund of $300,000. Make sure you’re in for it!
The year 2021 wasn’t the easiest one. For you, us, and the entire world, it was a challenge. Olymp Trade stepped up the challenge and has taken its performance to the next level.
Pure statistics speak for themselves. Olymp Trade enjoys the trust of 25 million traders worldwide with 30 million monthly transactions on the platform, $8 million of monthly payouts, and a monthly turnover of $150 million. Additionally, it is present in 134 countries and won The Best Investment Broker Award 2021 this year.
Product-wise, Olymp Trade just has launched a new breakthrough product, Stock Price Trades. It’s a straightforward, user-oriented trading mechanic specifically designed by Olymp Trade to make investing and long-term trading easy and comfortable.
Socially, Olymp Trade has proved its commitment to making the world a better place. It has been involved in various initiatives from helping regions of Indonesia and Vietnam recover from natural disasters to collaborating with the Egyptian Red Crescent in the fight against Covid-19.
The Super 7 Quest
The event Olymp Trade is launching to celebrate its 7th anniversary is unique and unprecedented. Its main theme is the magic of the number 7. In keeping with this, the event will last seven days, starting on September 22 and ending on September 28.
Each day will be dedicated to one of the central features of the Olymp Trade platform, represented by one of the 7 magical Artifacts. Traders, Olymp Trade’s superheroes, will be offered multiple challenges to unleash their superpowers. As they complete the chosen tasks, they will earn magical Stones.
The Stones will later be converted into bonus codes, XP points, and risk-free trades. Therefore, everyone who takes part in the Quest and earns at least one Stone is guaranteed a reward.
On top of that, with the earned Stone, traders will be able to participate in a cash prize drawing that takes place at the end of the Super 7 Quest. Here, they will serve as tokens. The more of them a trader accumulates, the higher probability of winning one of the large prizes.
Winners will be chosen by a randomizer in the course of 50 drawings with a total prize fund of $300,000 and individual prize values from $250 to $32,000. It will be streamed online on September 30.
The Super 7 Quest is a trading challenge worthy of superheroes, and everyone is invited to manifest their trading superpowers!

About Olymp Trade
Olymp Trade is a world-renowned broker that enjoys the trust of millions of traders from most regions of the globe including Africa, South America, and Asia. Olymp Trade’s commitment to the principles of transparency, diligence, and quality have helped it secure a firm position in the world of online trading. It is a Category A member of the International Financial Commission.

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