Only 1 Square Foot of Your Floor Can Harbour Lakhs of IllnessCausing Germs


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Only 1 Square Foot of Floor Can Harbour Lakhs of Illness-Causing Germs

  • Friday, May 26, 2023 2:00PM IST (8:30AM GMT)
Reveals study conducted by scientific research institute, CSIR-IGIB and Lizol
Delhi, India:  
  • Ordinary phenyls kill only 50% germs on mopping^
  • Lizol All-in-1 disinfectant surface cleaner’s 1 cap provides 99.9% Germ Kill^ and 10X better cleaning* compared to 3 caps of ordinary Phenyls 

Lizol, India’s leading disinfectant brand, and India’s leading government research agency, Council of Scientific & Industrial Research’s (CSIR) institution ‘Institute of Genomics and Integrative Biology’ (IGIB) have jointly conducted a study to analyse the presence of germs and pathogens in Indian homes. The study found a variety of germs on floors in Indian homes.
The research team studied the presence of germs in Indian households and found that floor areas across different rooms harbour illness-causing germs such as, Escherichia coli, Moraxella spp, Brevundimonas spp, Acinetobacter spp. The research also revealed that there are over 1000 types of bacteria and 200 types of viruses across surfaces in homes. The germs identified have been responsible for diseases such as diarrhoea and conditions like skin-infections, urinary tract infections, acne, eye and bloodstream infections.
Dr. Rakesh Sharma, PhD, Chief Scientist at CSIR-IGIB, said, “The study conducted in partnership with Lizol has brought to light details of germs and pathogens found on floors in different parts of Indian homes. Further, the germs found in the study are known to be responsible for certain illnesses and hence highlighting the need to maintain clean and germ-free homes.”
Mr. Saurabh Jain, Regional Marketing Director, Hygiene, Reckitt- South Asia said, “Lizol, a leading disinfectant brand with 130-year-old global heritage, champions the cause of protecting families and keeping them illness-free. This study commissioned in Indian houses is an attempt to build healthier homes by identifying germ-related threats that exist here. Our aim is to raise awareness and educate Indian families on the benefits of adopting better cleaning and disinfection habits by using specialised cleaning solutions that provide superior germ kill than commonly used solutions, like ordinary phenyls.
He further added, “In India, less than 20% homes use a specialized floor cleaner to mop their floors while majority use detergents or plain water which are ineffective in dirt and germ cleaning. According to recent studies, widely used phenyls were also found to be inadequate, leaving 50% germs behind after mopping^. Only specialized floor cleaners, like Lizol, with disinfecting actives like benzalkonium chloride offer enhanced cleaning & protection from germs with 99.9% germ kill on your floors every time you mop them*.”
Lizol disinfectant floor cleaners offer protection from disease-causing germs for Indian families significantly better than Phenyls, concluded an independent lab testing. Ordinary phenyls have a distinct smell that lingers and may create a false impression that they are effective at killing germs. However, recent independent lab testing has revealed that they kill only 50% germs^. The testing also identified that only 1 cap of Lizol’s superior formulation offers 99.9% Germ Kill^ and 10X Better Cleaning* vs 3 Caps Of Phenyl.
Julie McKinney, PhD, R&D Director, Microbiology and Virology at Reckitt, said, “The recently conducted study has helped us identify specific germs and pathogens that may be found on floors throughout Indian homes. Over 1000 types of bacteria and 200 types of viruses including E. coli, the most common faecal bacterium, were identified in the study. These findings highlight how important it is to adopt effective floor cleaning and disinfection practices in our daily routines. At Reckitt, we develop products with an aim to protect consumers from germs and pathogens. Lizol All-in-One Disinfectant Surface Cleaner offers 99.9% germ kill^.”
Lizol All-in-1 disinfectant surface cleaner is recommended by IMA. It is available in 7 different fragrances across India and e-commerce websites priced as low as Rs. 42/-. It is present in product packs ranging from 200ml to 5L along with value refill packs of 750ml and 1.8L.
* As per lab testing vs ordinary white phenyls
^As per lab testing done on representative bacteria on recommended dilution

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