QpiAI in Partnership With IISc Launches Joint Certification for AI and Quantum Computing to Upskill Enterprises Schools and Colleges


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QpiAI in Partnership With IISc Launches Joint Certification for AI and Quantum Computing to Upskill Enterprises, Schools and Colleges

  • Wednesday, March 3, 2021 11:00AM IST (5:30AM GMT)
Bangalore, Karnataka, India:  QpiAI and IISc launched Joint certification of AI and Quantum Computing to upskill enterprises, schools and colleges across Asia and Europe. Certification courses are starting from May 1st 2021. Details of the certification program can be found at https://www.qpiai-explorer.tech/certification

Dr. Nagendra Nagaraja, CEO and Founder of Qpi Technology holdings which is the parent company of QpiAI, QpiCloud and SuperQ suggested-
“QpiAI is an AI modelling and Quantum Computing company. We have deployed our flagship platform QpiAI-Pro in large enterprises. QpiAI-Pro, QpiAI-Enterprise and QpiAI-Quantum are the most advanced AI and Quantum modelling platforms in the world, with Quantum inspired compute and Quantum compute backend for generating high performance models. When working with large enterprises across Asia and Europe and talking to universities across the world, we found out that there is a huge need to upskill the workforce and the students to operate these advanced technologies. We have now launched QpiAI-Explorer to bridge this gap. QpiAI-Explorer is an entry level AI modelling and Quantum Computing platform that can run on a laptop without the use of expensive cloud resources. QpiAI along with IISc intends to offer 3 certifications currently: AI-level 1, AI-level 2 and a joint AI & Quantum Computing Certifications to help train the workforce in large enterprises, schools and colleges. This would accelerate adoption and aid in democratization of AI and Quantum Computing technologies”.
QpiAI has a very strong technical team of 30 bright engineers. Some of them have an outstanding track record in AI and Quantum Computing. Dr. Amlan Mukherjee, has a PhD from TIFR and previously a post-doctoral researcher from Stuttgart University, Germany, returned to India, to take up the challenging role as the Director of Quantum Hardware and Research at QpiAI suggested- “Our initiative of collaborations with various universities like IISc, IISER and TIFR have met with great enthusiasm and optimism. We also want to reach out to grass-root enterprises, schools and colleges to proliferate AI and Quantum Computing. We would also like to bring these certification courses in Hindi, to have a wider reach and truly democratize AI and Quantum.” Dr. Amlan Mukherjee is an expert in various Quantum Systems and has done multiple successful tape-outs of Quantum Control Chips in the past.
Another brilliant engineer Ir. Pinakin M. Padalia also returned to India from TU Delft, Netherlands, where he was a researcher, to join as a Director of Quantum Circuits at QpiAI said: “I have a dream. I always wanted to build great technologies in India. To realize this dream and fully develop Quantum Computing in India, we need to upskill our workforce and students to be ready for the Quantum world. QpiAI-Explorer is the first step towards realizing this magnificent dream.”  Ir. Pinakin M. Padalia has proven track record in designing and testing Cryogenic Quantum Control Chips.

Another talented Quantum Software Engineer Mr. Lakshya Priyadarshi suggested that “It is really exciting to have great people on our advisory board like Dr. Madhu Atre, Prof. Navakanta Bhat and Prof. Ujjwal Sen. We are fortunate to have their guidance, which is crucial for the success of this program. IISc supporting this cause is really great for our ecosystem. This should accelerate the adoption of Quantum Computing technologies in India.”
Mr. Sachin Kumar, who is a Senior Data Scientist at QpiAI suggested- “Hands-on AI modelling experience is absolutely crucial to accelerate Intelligent Digital Transformation. QpiAI-Explorer is designed to achieve the same. Furthermore, this would catalyse upgradation towards QpiAI-Pro, QpiAI-Enterprise and QpiAI-Quantum for converting data to intelligence at scale, while enhancing productivity in our enterprises.”
Further QpiAI is scheduled to tape-out 128-qubit Quantum Control Chip codenamed “BumbleBee” this September/October of 2021. It will be a state-of-the-art quantum control chip intended to work at 4 Kelvin (-269 oC) designed using 22 nm TSMC CMOS process. QpiAI intends to jointly deploy this chip with various institutes, combining it with semi-conductor and super-conductor qubits. QpiAI-Explorer which is intended to be used for these certification courses in the future will also be installed on real Quantum Hardware and eventually help enterprises and institutional customers to move to QpiAI-Quantum platform.
Enterprises, schools and colleges can enrol for certification at https://www.qpiai-explorer.tech/certification or reach us at [email protected]

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