Qpicloud Acquihires Hackowls Software to Prep up Applications Development Team


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Qpicloud Acquihires Hackowls Software to Prep up Applications Development Team

  • Thursday, June 24, 2021 10:00AM IST (4:30AM GMT)
Bengaluru, Karnataka, India:  Dr Nagendra Nagaraja, Founder, CEO, and Chairman of Qpi Technology today announced that Qpicloud a subsidiary of Qpi Technology has acquihired Coimbatore-based Hackowls software to prep up application development team for Qpicloud product and technologies.

He suggested, “Hackowls has been working with us for almost a year now and team has done a great job in delivering Qpicloud-DCmanager, Qpicloud-Edgemanager, Qpi-pro, and Qpi-explorer UI and applications interface. As we grow customers base for these products, we do require dedicated applications team for development and support functions. Both founders Sumant and Venkat have great entrepreneurial spirit that fits into Qpi Technology culture. All 7 people will be joining Bangalore office of Qpicloud, located at Manyata Embassy Park. We will be hiring 20-30 applications and DevOps engineers around Hackowls team over 1 year time to expand our product footprint and customer support.”

He further suggested, “Hybrid cloud market is a $1 trillion market and we have positioned ourselves well to exploit opportunities in the most advanced technology of hybrid cloud market i.e., AI and Quantum driven collaborative cloud computing platform. Qpicloud has plans to host its own Quantum data centres which will be one of the largest in the world based on quantum compute breakthrough from QpiAI and SuperQ. Qpicloud is a unique collaborative cloud computing platform with our patented AI engine at the heart collaborative cloud computing and driven by Quantum compute. We call these CPs (Collaborative platforms). Special case for CP is Qpi-DHDE (Digital Health Data Exchange) to enable collaboration in healthcare. As we take these technologies and products to markets, we do require deep application development teams. Qpi Technology has core expertise in Quantum compute, AI, and material sciences. Our strategy is to acquire complementary expertise in area of software application development, DevOps, and virtualization.”

Mr. Abhinand who is the Principal Scientist for AI at Qpicloud suggested, “As we innovate in AI to enable collaborative cloud computing, we need deep software development and deployment experience, which Hackowls brings to table. We look forward to speed up our classical cloud computing platform Qpicloud-DCmanager, Qpicloud-Edgemanager and Qpicloud-V and also quickly demo Qpicloud-CPs, so we can enable our customers with the help of Hackowls expertise in applications development.”

Ms Swati Kumari who is Director for operations for Qpicloud suggested, “As we expand our operations deep into cloud technologies, project execution is very important and having an inhouse software and application development expertise will only help deliver project on time, with competitive features and great quality. Also, customer support is very key in these technologies. Hackowls is great addition to our team.”

Co-founder and former CEO of Hackowl Mr. Sumant who joined as Director of Business Development of Qpicloud suggested, “This is a start of very exciting journey for us, working along with world-class engineers to bring great innovation driven by Qpi family. Working with Dr Nagendra and team is a pleasure for last 1 year or so. Being part of Qpi family is great honour for us.”

Co-founder and former CTO of Hackowl, Mr. Venkat, who joined as Director of Technology of Qpicloud suggested, “Technology and vision of Qpi Technology as a whole is very exciting. Core technology of Quantum, AI and materials is a great field to be in, We are very excited to work under leadership of Dr Nagendra, whose vision and technology know-how is very valuable to advancing industry and creating Quantum future in India.”

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