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QRCodeChimp Collaborates With Titan Eye+ to Raise Awareness on Eye Health

  • Wednesday, May 11, 2022 4:12PM IST (10:42AM GMT)
Pune, Maharashtra, India:  QRCodeChimp, a QR code management platform, partnered with Titan Eye+ to support them in their eye health awareness initiative. Titan Eye+, one of India's most trusted eyewear destinations, reaffirms its commitment to raising awareness of eye health issues by conducting over 130,000 eye screening tests in 24 hours on 21st April 2022.

QRCodeChimp supported Titan Eye+ by onboarding offline users to their website and bridging the gap between online and offline media. Titan Eye+ used QRCodeChimp to create QR codes that users could scan to take an online eye test. QRCodeChimp further enabled Titan Eye+ to track the QR code scans, collect and manage demographic data, and understand their users better.

Mr. Nitin Gupta Co-Founder and Managing Director at TezMinds (QRCodeChimp.com) said, “we are glad to be a part of the eye health awareness initiative by Titan Eye+. This was an exciting project for us and a moment of pride. With our technology and Titan Eye+ determination towards eye health, the campaign turned out to be a huge success. We look forward to more such collaborations and do our bit for the cause.”

Mr. Javed K M, Retail Head, Titan Eye+ stated, “the campaign was a massive success with us achieving 132% of the initial target. Thanks to QRCodeChimp for playing a major role in helping us make this happen. QRCodeChimp helped us in keeping track of the contribution from each region of India to the highest number of eye screenings. The QR codes and unique links have helped us in directing and re-directing resources based on store-wise performance.”

QRCodeChimp is a comprehensive QR code management platform that helps brands run large-scale, measurable QR code campaigns and bridge the gap between their online and offline marketing. With features like 60+ QR code shapes, Extensive Customization, Logo & White labeling, Image to QR code, Folders & Subaccounts, and Bulk Uploads, QRCodeChimp is the leading enterprise-grade QR code platform out there. The solution is backed by top-notch tech infrastructure and expertise, resulting in unparalleled performance and the highest uptime in the market. QRCodeChimp's technology stack comprises NodeJS, PHP, GoLang, MongoDB, cloud technologies, and analytical servers.

The platform offers 35+ QR code types, including vCard Plus, PDF to QR code, Location QR code, Feedback QR code, etc. In the recent update, QRCodeChimp launched Folders Management and Sharing to help businesses better manage and organize their QR codes. The team also introduced Merchandise QR codes and new design templates for vCard Plus. 

About QRCodeChimp

QRCodeChimp is a Pune based QR code management platform launched in 2019 by TezMinds Software Pvt Ltd. QRCodeChimp is the one-stop solution for creating and managing QR code campaigns. It comes with enterprise-grade features to help brands unleash the true potential of QR codes and take their marketing initiatives to the next level. QRCodeChimp disrupts QR code customization by allowing users to create QR codes of 60+ shapes. Hence, they can create QR codes their customers can relate to, resulting in more scans and higher engagement. Currently, over 1,75,000 users, including Fortune 500 companies, educational institutions, marketing agencies, freelancers, are engaging with their set of audience through QRCodeChimp.

About Titian Eye+

Titan Eye+ is an eyewear marketplace launched by Titan in March 2007 to redefine the eyewear industry with unprecedented quality standards and countrywide access to eye care. Carrying forward the quality and trust of Tata, Titan Eye+ offers eyewear products that align with the international quality standards. The marketplace promises contemporary design, best-in-class styling, and transparency in pricing. Titan Eye+ has over 550+ exclusive stores in 230+ cities across the country. 
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