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Supervek Collaborates with Jagermeister to Launch a Capsule Collection of Apparel

  • Wednesday, September 21, 2022 2:39PM IST (9:09AM GMT)
The #KeepPushing collaboration is a celebration of the Indian Street community and shared values between the two brands
Hyderabad, Telangana, India:  India’s most loved streetwear brand Supervek, in collaboration with Jägermeister, has introduced a limited-edition collection of apparel and accessories including Sling bags, hats and t-shirts. This one-of-a-kind collection blends together design elements that represent both brands along with facets from various subcultures and the nightlife community.
The Keep Pushing campaign is a tribute to the undying spirit of the community, the spirit of rallying around those who push their limits to be the Meister. Since its inception, individual expression and its power to change the world has been a key inspiration behind Supervek's approach to design, while Jägermeister has always stood for its authenticity & being true to who people are. Keeping this brand ethos in mind, the campaign is designed as a capsule collection of bold and edgy streetwear that resonates with the community and is not afraid to speak up for itself or be limitless.
The #KeepPushing Streetwear collection is a small batch, limited launch set with individually numbered pieces that are truly one-of-a-kind collectibles. The Meister Oversized T-shirt is designed to pay homage and to reflect Jägermeister’s century-old legacy while Own the Night T-shirt represents Supervek’s edgy energy. The Cross-body bags collection comes with the #KeepPushing pattern print and several modern utilitarian features built for everyday carry (EDC) with handy pockets for life on the go and the Reversible bucket hat has the Thundering Meister logo against the #KeepPushing pattern inspired by various elements of street subcultures.
Mr. Satyajeet Singh, Co-Founder, Supervek, said, “Team Supervek is thrilled to launch this campaign in association with Jägermeister. This collaboration is a continuation of our efforts to introduce path breaking products and designs to the community. The design and aesthetics of the #KeepPushing campaign are a result of months of exploration and collaboration from both teams. As a leading brand in the Indian Streetwear space over the years, Supervek has actively supported the thriving subcultures through our own events, sponsored athlete programs and social service initiatives. The #KeepPushing collection is a tribute to the community and we hope it inspires artists and athletes alike to #KeepPushing their limits, especially when the going gets tough.”
 Mr. Nitin Kumar, General Manager Jägermeister – India & Subcontinent, adds, “The sub-culture of music and artists who make nightlife possible has been a part of Jägermeister’s DNA, since inception. The spirit of freedom, expression, unconventionality and authenticity is embedded in the brand’s ethos. The collaboration with Supervek, for the collectible streetwear collection #KeepPushing, is an ode to #BestNights, a celebration of the unique, and high-spirited Indian meisters.”
Each product from this series will be a limited-edition of collectibles and will be imprinted with a unique product ID and an authenticity card. The package will also include a letter to the buyer depicting the story around the collaboration.
This capsule collection will be available starting Wednesday, 21st September 2022 onwards. The pricing of the collection ranges from Rs. 1499 to Rs. 2999.

About Supervek

Supervek is a homegrown brand that connects the Indian underground movement through our streetwear and alt lifestyle merch. Started in 2015 by a team committed to building a homegrown global brand, our vision is to bring out alternative ideas and products to life that not only complement today’s lifestyle but over time also define it.

Today, Supervek not only creates new and path breaking products but is also a key participant in the growing Indian Streetwear community.

We believe that great things happen when people come together. Over the years, we have been actively involved in the community as sponsors, participants and organizers of several events including Skateboarding, BMX and B-boying competitions, X Sports Tours, College Festivals, Music Festivals, And Comic Conventions. Beneficiaries of the Supervek ambassador program have also been selected to represent India in international events and competitions over the years.

During the first wave of the pandemic, we were the first brand in India to launch the buy one, donate one initiative, through which we have pledged and donated over 50,000 masks to hospitals, frontline workers and other beneficiaries. During the second wave in 2021, we raised over Rs. 8,50,000 for Covid Relief. https://supervek.in/
About Jägermeister

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