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Transparent Face-Mask CeeMee Now Available in India

  • Wednesday, March 16, 2022 2:07PM IST (8:37AM GMT)
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India:  The nearly invisible CeeMee face-mask reveals the full face of the wearer, complete with smiles, lipstick, make up, teeth, stubbles and pimples. Face ID unlocks seamlessly and spectacles don’t fog. Lip reading behind the mask is now possible. A baby-soft liquid-silicon-rubber seal hugs the skin on the face to keep out contaminated air. N98.4 grade disposable filters below the chin allow safe breathing – these should be replaced after 50 hours of actual use. CeeMee is designed and made in India to exacting quality standards for worldwide sales. It is now listed on Amazon India for 2990/-.
Advantages of CeeMee
  • Transparent, almost invisible mask – reveals the full face behind the mask.
  • Nothing is hidden anymore – expressions, smiles, lipstick, makeup, teeth, stubbles and pimples. Seamlessly unlocks iPhone face-ID
  • High-tech high-quality build with the best available materials and technologies:
    • N98+ grade filter for safe and easy breathing.
    • A non-abrasive baby-soft liquid-silicon-rubber seal hugs the skin on the face to keep out contaminated air.
    • Glass-clear anti-fog coated shatter-proof polycarbonate face-visor remains magically clear when people breathe into it. An anti-scratch coating makes it easy to clean daily.
    • 6 replaceable filter cartridges included with the mask. More can be bought separately.
Anurag Gupta (entrepreneur) and Deepak Pathania (designer) stated, “2 years on, people globally are sick and tired of hiding their face behind surgical masks. Smiles have lost their meaning behind a mask, it is difficult to understand what is being spoken as lip-reading is not possible behind a mask, women have stopped wearing lipstick and make up, most people have reverted back to Pin Codes to unlock their iPhones as Face ID does not work with a mask. CeeMee is designed and made to address all of these, while actually making this mask safer and more comfortable to wear. It is certainly very expensive when compared to surgical masks, but not when you understand the amount of technology, industrial skills, and materials science that have gone into making this nearly invisible product. We intend to focus on selling CeeMee in Japan, South Korea and China, besides India.”

For more information:

Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/ceemee_mask/
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/ceemee_clearmask-106130295316110/
Twitter - https://twitter.com/ceemee_mask
YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaR1VzYdc49sCoyIWV-n7qg

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