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ADB Launches the ''i-Can'' MHP Set-Top Box in Finnish TV Market

  • Thursday, June 20, 2002 12:35PM IST (7:05AM GMT)
Geneva, Switzerland: Advanced Digital Broadcast (www.adbglobal.com), a world leading provider of cost-effective digital set-top boxes and their software, has unveiled plans for making available this autumn its i-Can(TM) set-top box for the Finnish MHP TV market. The i-Can(TM) set-top box, targeted to DVB MHP 1.0.2 Enhanced and Interactive Broadcast profiles, will fill the long awaited request of mass-market availability of MHP decoders. Finland was the first country, in August 2001, to adopt the MHP standard, but the nation-wide digital upgrade of its terrestrial broadcasting infrastructure did not reach TV viewers due to the lack of decoders. "The i-Can(TM) decoder is set to reach a sub 400 Euros retail price, allowing a fast market deployment. We anticipate capturing a substantial share of the Finnish market - up to 100,000 households by the end of 2003", commented ADB's Rick Smith, VP Sales EMEA. "We are teaming-up with Rautelin Oy, our distribution partner in Finland, for starting large-scale deliveries this coming autumn" Built on ADB's tradition of high quality software and cost-effective hardware design, the i-Can(TM) set-top box is based on STMicroelectronics' OMEGA microprocessor and has a memory footprint of 32MB DRAM and 4MB Flash. It also features an embedded Conditional Access System from Conax, and a modem return channel. "MHP applications broadcasted live in Finland run smoothly on the i-Can(TM) box", said Petri Martikainen, CEO of Sofia Digital (www.sofiadigital.com), a world-leading provider of interactive-TV solutions whose Electronic Program Guide and Digital Teletext applications have been selected by Finnish Broadcasters. "ADB's decoders have delivered excellent results in our complete end-to-end testing environment, proving extremely reliable and achieving a high performance score with Sofia Benchmark Application," he added. Field trial units of ADB's terrestrial and cable set-top boxes have already been delivered to key players in Finland's digital TV market, including the government-owned broadcaster YLE, and leading diversified media groups AlmaMedia (MTV3) and Sanoma WSOY (Channel Four). To date, ADB has shipped over two million set-top box units and have contributed with leading edge and cost-effective technology to the development of digital TV markets in 11 countries around the world. Its superior products are rooted in a know-how acquired from a pioneering experience in delivering embedded software systems for digital TV. The ADB's solution described in this press release will be submitted for official DVB certification as soon as international MHP certification procedures are established. About ADB Advanced Digital Broadcast is a major supplier of digital set-top boxes and software solutions for digital interactive television. Since releasing its first unit in the summer of 1997, ADB has shipped over two million set-tops to customers in Australia, Israel, Hong Kong, China, the Middle East, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, Thailand, Taiwan and the U.S. Advanced Digital Broadcast employs some 300 staff in offices in Switzerland, Australia, Poland, Spain, in the Philippines, the United States, and in Taiwan (where the company's Corporate Headquarters is located). Of this total staff, more than 190 work as development engineers, principally in the company's Software Engineering facility in Zielona Gora, western Poland, in Manila, and in ADB's Advanced Interactive Application Development Center in Sydney, Australia.

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