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uLektz, an AI-Centered EdTech Platform for Higher Education Fostering Inclusive Development of Education, Skills and Careers

  • Monday, December 2, 2019 5:08PM IST (11:38AM GMT)
Delhi, India:  Technological advancements in Artificial Intelligence and automation, have led to disruptions in many industries in India and it has also resulted in the increased rate of unemployment and underemployment of fresh graduates. To address these critical challenges of employment, education institutions and regulatory bodies of higher education embrace innovative technologies to create engaging learning and teaching environments, provide industry-required skills and facilitate global networking and collaboration.
Fortunately, in today’s digital world there are innumerable technological solutions, services and resources available for students, educators and institutions to choose from. Leveraging these technologies make academic teaching more engaging, prepare students with employability skills and integrate them with industry for better job opportunities. However, economic and infrastructure disparities between different regions of the country, and the lack of ease of access to the required resources for education, employability and employment are still a major challenge to foster the inclusive development.
Considering these complex and critical challenges, uLektz.com is designed to be the ecosystem providing one-stop solution for all the needs of higher education through a suite of seamlessly integrated software applications. Its AI-centered platform helps connect students, educators, institutions and all other stakeholders of higher education, and provide them 360 degree personalised guidance and appropriate resources and services for education, skills and careers that are accessible through single platform and single user account.
“We believe that when worldwide students and educators connect and share their knowledge, experience and expertise, the quality of education improves and more opportunities emerge even in the remotest, inaccessible and underprivileged sections of the society. So we built uLektz, an AI-centered ecosystem by connecting all the stakeholders of higher education and provide them appropriate solutions, services and resources with ease of access and equity,” said Founder and CEO of uLektz, Sadiq Sait M.S.
Though uLektz is a 3 years of old young EdTech startup, its platform is being used by 300,000+ students and educators from hundreds of universities and colleges across India. Many universities and colleges use uLektz to leverage innovative technologies, enhance academic effectiveness, improve administrative efficiency and ensure students success. uLektz is also being used by many educational publishers, skill course providers and EdTech companies to promote, sell and distribute their offerings.
“Most of the students using our services are from Tier-1 regions and premium institutions. To connect all the stakeholders of higher education across India and provide them equity of access to our services for the inclusive development, we have registered ourselves with Government e-Marketplace (Gem.gov.in) to offer our services to Government institutions at a very nominal price. In this regard, we are already in talks with a few State Higher Education Departments, and also looking forward to talking to the appropriate stakeholders of higher education in State and Central Government. After all, the current challenges in the Higher Education need a collaborative efforts not just from Governments and Institutions, but also from the Private players from Industry,” said Sadiq Sait M.S.

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Hari Bala M.V (Digital Marketing Strategist), uLektz Learning Solutions Private Limited, digital@ulektz.com, +91 (44) 24827503 / 504

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