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India's Leading Textile Companies Adopt Seal of Cotton Trademark

  • Friday, October 25, 2002 4:00PM IST (10:30AM GMT)
Patspin India (GTN Group), Vardhman Spinning & General Mills, Ltd., and Ashima Group, Ltd. become charter members of the Cotton Gold Alliance to promote "The New Face of Cotton"
New Delhi, Delhi, India:  The Cotton Gold Alliance (CGA) partnership, founded by Cotton Council International and Cotton Incorporated, today announced the signing of three leading cotton and textile companies as the first signatories who will bring the Seal of Cotton trademark to Indian consumers. This trustmark will identify the highest quality 100% cotton apparel and home furnishings products.

Announcing the alliances at a press conference in New Delhi, William B Dunavant, III, President of Cotton Council International (CCI) said, "Cotton plays an important role in contemporary Indian life and is in many ways the true fabric of India. Our close working relationships with the Indian textile industry over the last several years have paved the way for the launch of the CGA programme, which will represent a new paradigm in cotton promotion in India. It is our pleasure to announce that Patspin India (GTN Group), Vardhman Spinning & General Mills, Ltd., and Ashima Group, Ltd.will be our first partners in this exciting ground breaking initiative.

"In the coming months, we will build on this momentum as more textile and apparel companies, brands and retailers join in this effort to promote cotton fiber in India. The Seal of Cottonä will indeed be the catalyst that will prompt increased demand for cotton to the benefit of the entire global cotton industry. We believe that the Indian consumer will also benefit significantly from this alliance."

Mr Dean B Turner, Senior Vice President, Global Product Marketing, Cotton Incorporated, added, "Cotton has historically dominated other fibers in India, and Indian consumers have shown a strong preference for cotton. After over three decades of successful cotton demand building in the United States, Cotton Incorporated is now launching use of the Seal of Cottonä to companies in India. This is the first time that the Seal Of Cottonä is being made available for promotions outside North America."

The Seal of Cottonä is an internationally-recognized trademark which will bear testimony to the high standards and the superior quality of 100% cotton products in India. The CGA aims to increase consumer awareness, appreciation and preference to build demand for cotton, thereby boosting the sales of cotton products from qualified participating Indian firms. Turner also commented, "The Cotton Gold Alliance programme, while consumer-focused, will also work with its partners to support and influence product and marketing decisions that benefit cotton."

Mr Arvind Singhal, Chairman, KSA Technopak, elaborated, "The CGA programme has received a positive response from the trade in India, and the signing up of the three big players is indicative of the value the industry sees in this programme. We hope to now increase this partnership to include other companies who will show a dedicated commitment to producing and marketing cotton as the preferred fiber in the local market."

The long-term goal in the Indian market for the Cotton Gold Alliance programme is to increase the demand for cotton among Indian consumers. The Cotton Gold Alliance will also ensure that alliance partners are recognized as market leaders for their high-quality cotton textile products. CGA members will be encouraged to utilize the Seal of Cottonä (owned and to be licensed by Cotton Incorporated) in their own promotional and advertising efforts.

About the Cotton Gold Alliance
The Cotton Gold Alliance is a new initiative of Cotton Council International (CCI) and Cotton Incorporated, U.S.-based non-profit organizations with the mission of promoting cotton. The interests of the CGA in India are being represented by KSA Technopak, a leading global management consulting firm, and J Walter Thompson, India's premier advertising agency.

About the Seal of Cottonä
Since 1973, the ubiquitous Seal of Cottonä has been an important symbol of quality for both retailers and consumers and is the focal point of the successful U.S. campaign that boosted cotton from a low point of 34% market share in the 1970s to over 60% today. Having given cotton a unique brand recognition, this trademark is consistently recognized by seven out of ten consumers in the world's number one textile market, the United States. Consumers associate the Seal of Cottonä with positive attributes and are more likely to purchase those cotton products that are labeled with the trademark, even at a premium price.

In India, the Seal of Cottonä will be the centerpiece of the CGA's effort to help cotton retain its predominance in the Indian market. Its function is to identify high-quality 100% cotton products at retail.

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