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YouTube MCN Whacked Out Media's Channels Soar!

  • Monday, October 12, 2015 12:52PM IST (7:22AM GMT)
Top 10 channels watched 201 million times in the month of September
New Delhi, Delhi, India: YouTube MCN(multi-channel network) Whacked Out Media’s regional channels have become one of the most popular categories on the site, with the top 10 aggregating upto nearly 201Million video views in September alone.

Whacked Out Media’s Telugu Filmnagar videos were watched 20Million times in September 2015. Telugu Filmnagar currently has a subscriber base of 1.5Million.

While Telugu Filmnagar views are driven by the huge number of subscribers, Children Nursery Rhymes operates differently. It has lesser number of subscribers – 130K+ – but it has a large number of views – 48Million in September 2015. This is due to users searching for children’s rhymes, stories and various shows including the full episodes, episode trailers / sneak-peaks or even specific scenes based on genres like comedy, action, etc.

Both Telugu Filmnagar and Children Nursery Rhymes are a part of the MCN Whacked Out Media. Whacked Out Media is currently one of India’s largest and most wide-spread (in terms of content genres & languages) YouTube Multi-Channel Network. With over 329M+ monthly views across a network of 948+ channels, Whacked Out’s YouTube network in itself is a strong indicator of the company’s understanding of the digital domain. Whacked Out has some of the finest talent and content creators who create content to entertain and engage audience. Whacked Out currently works with 280+ celebrities across different film industries and are partnered with several big-banner production houses, broadcast channels, animation companies, content producers and individual talent. The company also has a cumulative following of over 130M+ fans and followers on Social Media.

Whacked Out MCN’s overall growth is shown by the aggregated annual figures for its top 10 channels’ - 201M views in September 2015 is nearly 4 times the 52M+ views of the top 10 in September 2014.

About Telugu Filmnagar:

Brand Telugu Filmnagar has built loyalty over four years with lots of great content and interactive audience programs and is all set to soon launch its ultimate destination portal for Tollywood, thetelugufilmnagar.com. It is the official destination for Telugu movie lovers. Viewers log on to find exclusive movie updates, pictures and videos here.

About Children Nursery Rhymes:

Children Nursery Rhymes host the latest Finger Family Children Nursery Rhymes for Preschool Babies, Nursery Rhymes Collection for Children, Cartoons for Kids and Rhymes for Children Preschool Nursery Rhymes with animated Cartoon Characters.

About Whacked Out Media:

Whacked Out Media is a next-gen media company based out of Hyderabad. Focused on digital marketing since 2011, Whacked Out is today Asia’s largest and fastest growing YouTube Multi-Channel Network Partner and also publishes video across several other models as well. Its core strength lies in its organic content marketing strategies as well as its experience with audience development and content optimization. It has over 180+ skilled professionals dedicated to aggregating and distributing content, managing celebrities, promoting movies, brands, products and campaigns. For more information, please visit www.whackedout.in

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