Achieve Full DevSecOps Maturity with Sirius360 Solution Offering


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Achieve Full DevSecOps Maturity with Sirius360 Solution Offering

  • Thursday, October 13, 2022 10:00AM IST (4:30AM GMT)
Bangalore, Karnataka, India:  
Assess DevSecOps maturity and create a Roadmap to align with business goals. Using Sirius360 for this purpose increases scalability, expedites time to market, and improves ROI.

Sirius360 is a one-of-a-kind solution to help navigate the DevSecOps journey.

What is Sirius360?

Sirius360 is a completely customisable solution that enhances the business team's ability to integrate DevSecOps to become a truly optimised DevSecOps team.

Adopting DevSecOps is the best way to move forward for businesses that want to increase productivity, improve security, and enhance collaboration. Sirius360 helps businesses to analyse and understand DevSecOps maturity and scope, identify gaps, and develop an actionable roadmap with detailed and customisable assessments and planning.

How to Achieve Full DevSecOps Maturity with Sirius360?

The journey to achieve DevSecOps maturity is unique for every business. The process helps the business teams to develop agile development methodologies and implement security with each step.

When an organisation can achieve higher DevSecOps maturity, it can achieve higher efficiency, and collaboration between teams in a cost-effective manner without compromising quality while ensuring security is built in at all levels. Best practices in each development, production, and implementation step will ensure the release of the best quality product to the market according to the planned timeline in a cost-efficient way.

Sirius360 helps optimise DevSecOps culture according to business requirements and align them to the goals of the organisation's vision. The flexible assessment plan empowers the users to ask the right questions to assess the DevSecOps maturity level to move forward.

Sirius360 lets anyone clearly view the different areas of a product or project to evaluate projects accurately. This evaluation gives improved visibility of the processes, operations, and tools required to enhance the DevSecOps culture.

Sirius360's standards-driven approach helps to identify gaps to aid in creating efficient corrective actions to ensure compliance. The easy-to-use dashboard which is customisable is available for executives, leaders, and engineers involved throughout the product development cycle.

Steer your DevSecOps journey in the right direction with complete visibility and transparency with Sirius360.

Sirius360 is for Every Type of Business

Sirius360 can help businesses in different verticals to deliver agile, secure, scalable, and timely projects with a mature DevSecOps journey. Sirius360 solution enriches the business teams to identify the starting point and develop a detailed plan for moving forward with DevOps.

Talk with Sirius360 expert consultants today to transform business teams and empower them to achieve their extraordinary potential.

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