De Panaches Survey Finds out the Creative Ways to Dazzle New Homeowners


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De Panache’s Survey Finds out the Creative Ways to Dazzle New Homeowners

  • Thursday, March 24, 2022 4:00PM IST (10:30AM GMT)
Bangalore, Karnataka, India:  De Panache surveyed to find out what makes the best interiors in Bangalore and found out using natural materials like natural stones wood with beautiful wall cladding imported from all over the world makes all the difference in having a truly unique designer home. An experienced interior designer empowered with exclusive materials from all over the world and the design sense to conceptualise all the different moving parts into one whole elegant dream home.
The survey was conducted online, consisting of new homeowners, of which included apartment owners (50%), villa owners (40%), and others like independent houses & bungalows (10%). Homeowners were asked multiple questions regarding their home interior choices. The survey revealed that more than half (68%) of these new homeowners in Bangalore want to see more “neutral pastel” colours for a soothing feel throughout the home and natural materials like wood and stone in their homes as they are long-lasting and wear and tear-proof.
The survey also asked important questions like how they choose an interior designer for their new home and why they feel like investing in home interior design? The respondents made it very clear that Covid has forced them to be at their home for a prolonged time, and investing in the home interior is an investment in themselves. According to one of the respondents of the survey who would like to be anonymous for privacy, reasons told that “For almost 2 years now we have to do everything inside our house and life can become very boring doing all the activities inside the 4 walls of the house, but luckily we had done the interiors before covid, and all corners of the house give me immense pleasure and happiness. All the walls are beautified as I wanted and customised as per my needs. Good interiors saved me from all the boredom. The customizations made me feel as if the house understands me, and we have a connection.”
De Panache saw a connection between the answers homeowners gave for how to choose an interior designer & what stops a typical homeowner from being satisfied when communicating with the interior designer. 87% of the respondents said they would choose an interior designer if the designer understood their needs and requirements. 88% of respondents said they were not satisfied with the designer as they didn’t understand the needs and requirements of the unsatisfied client. 97% of the respondents preferred imported cladding materials from all over the world as it gives a truly unique designer home. Moreover, they felt an experienced designer could merge all the beautiful elements into one holistic design for the whole house. They would choose an interior designer who is capable of such creative visualisation.
In a statement, the company’s founder, Atreyee Choudhury, said, “We are delighted to see that more and more people are looking to invest in their home interiors in Bangalore. We have focused on offering the best interior design services to our customers. Our goal is to make beautiful homes available to everyone, so we offer a wide range of options, from designing apartments to designing the whole villa or bungalow.”
The interior design company, De Panache, is fortunate to have a team of creative professionals who have the knowledge and expertise to design and decorate a house. The company offers a wide range of services, including interior design & in-house execution, but not only limited to kitchen and bedroom design and home decor services.

About De Panache

De Panache is a creative powerhouse of interior designing services in Bangalore, India. With a mission to help people transform their home interiors and make them look and feel sublime, De Panache has offered high-quality interior design services to its clients since 2010. Its services include complete interior design, kitchen design, bedrooms design, home staging, and interior decorating. 

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