Devic Earth Launches Worlds First Ever CleanAirasaService Plan to Control Pollution


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Devic Earth Launches World's First Ever Clean-Air-as-a-Service Plan to Control Pollution

  • Thursday, July 15, 2021 5:10PM IST (11:40AM GMT)
Bengaluru, Karnataka, India:  
  • First ever all-inclusive plug and play monthly subscription offering by Devic Earth - leader in ambient air pollution control equipment.
  • Industry leaders in talks with the company have been struggling to achieve even 20% improvement in ambient air quality over 3-5 years, while Devic Earth promises a minimum 33% improvement within a quarter.
  • Comes with an array of benefits like zero downtime, no overheads, low capex costs, and clean air.
  • Subscriptions start from three months and customers can avail of excellent discounts on longer-term subscription.

Devic Earth, the leader in air pollution control equipment, today launched the world’s first-ever “Clean-Air-as-a-Service” to help improve ambient air quality, in India. Their disruptive state-of-the-art air pollution control technology, ‘Pure Skies’, is targeted at addressing the problem of large indoor or outdoor area coverage at lowest cost, providing an affordable plug and play solution, with zero hassle to the end customer & highest efficacy of upto 90%.

Clean Air as A Service offers customers the benefit of improving their ambient air quality, without having to go through the hassle of owning or maintaining any equipment. Subscription to the service is simple, with a one-time activation fee and a nominal monthly fee thereafter. Apart from a simple monthly fee structure, it comes with an array of other benefits such as plug-and-play, zero system down-time, zero operational overheads, zero facility down-time, high energy efficiency, and many more.

Clean Air as a Service Summary:
  • Indoor plans start from 20,000 sq ft at ₹ 1.99/sqft/month
  • Outdoor plans start from 5 acres at ₹ 12,999/acre/month
  • Larger the area better the price
  • Subscription starts with 3 months plans
The founder and CEO Dr. Srikanth Sola is an eminent cardiologist with a strong science and research background with over 50 publications to his credit. An alumnus of Duke University, Emory University, Stanford University, and Harvard Medical School, he was a practising cardiologist at the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio, before joining the Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Medical Sciences in Bangalore. Backed by a team of senior scientists and highly qualified engineers, Devic Earth helps solve sustainability challenges of decision-makers.

On the launch, Dr. Srikanth Sola, Founder and CEO said“Pure Skies is a disruptive technology that offers a benefit that no other existing technology in the world does - mitigating ambient air pollution over large areas at lowest costs with highest efficacy! Devic Earth aims to save at least a million lives every year from the menace of air pollution, and therefore, we are offering our customers the world’s most advanced technology, without a hefty price-tag. This simplifies the decision-making process for stakeholders to take the maximum benefit from the Clean Air as a Service subscription. With Environmental Social Governance (ESG) criteria in place, our subscription plans are focused towards helping leaders take the first step with ease. We look forward to seeing the world enjoy cleaner air.”

Pure Skies is a breakthrough technological solution from Devic Earth Pvt. Ltd. for mitigating ambient air pollution through its, air pollution control device for large areas. Pure Skies stands out as a clear leader in ambient air pollution control for large areas and uses pulsed Wi-Fi technology to tackle suspended particulates and certain gaseous pollutants across industrial complexes, cities, and homes. Pure Skies is certified for safety as well as efficacy and is backed by over 40 installations across India, with an average result of over 50% improvement in air quality. Pure Skies is deployed as a mesh network, along with 3rd party air pollution monitoring system that provides real-time feedback for the air quality improvement, across the designated area. It is the only solution that offers a 360* comprehensive air quality management coverage with 'zero' noise and the comfort of real-time feedback on mobile app, which is as good as an air quality meter in one's hands. Till date, over 20 sectors including steel, thermal power, cement, hospitality, manufacturing, automobile, have taken the benefit of clean air using Pure Skies.

About Devic Earth

Devic Earth is a Bengaluru-based green technology company, backed by over 13 years of rigorous R&D by cardiologist Dr. Srikanth Sola and team. It is founded with the aim of saving at least a million lives every year from pollution, the root cause of various health and environmental disorders. Devic Earth offers disruptive, user-friendly, innovative solutions for the problems caused due to air pollution. Their flagship product ‘Pure Skies’, a technology backed by over a decade of research, is a unique AI-enabled technology that uses pulsed Wi-Fi to clear air-borne pollutants. Devic Earth is now revolutionizing the way we breathe clean air by offering all the benefits of the state-of-the-art Pure Skies solution as a simple subscription that can help world leaders take their next leap towards ESG goals. Devic Earth’s award-winning technology has been largely featured in leading media space like CNBC, Forbes, YourStory, Financial Express, and more.

With an employee strength of 25 and growing, the company aims to be a world leader in green technology by creating a pollution-free environment for living beings to thrive. The company has won several awards including Innovation Hub Award at the Smart Urbanation Convention & Expo 2019, Technovation Award from India Electronics and Semiconductor Association (IESA), Best Scientific Paper Award at Heber National Conference on Ensuring Environmental Sustainability. It is also slated to be a member of CII and the GEM portal shortly and is working on various international certifications to expand into global markets.

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