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Greenam Energy Lays the Foundation for One of India’s First Floating Solar Power Plant

  • Monday, April 15, 2019 4:57PM IST (11:27AM GMT)
The state-of-the-art 24 MW floating solar power plant demonstrates AM International group’s commitment towards sustainable and renewable energy resources
Singapore & Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India:  
  • Mr. Ashwin Muthiah, Chairman, Founder Chairman, AM International Group, Singapore, laid the foundation stone for the floating solar power project
  • The floating solar power plant located in SPIC’s Tuticorin plant will lead to significant energy savings

Greenam Energy Private Limited (Greenam), an AM International group company with a focus on introducing new-age green and sustainable technology, conducted the foundation laying ceremony for the construction of its 24 MW floating solar power plant. Mr. Ashwin Muthiah, Founder Chairman of AM International Group, Singapore, laid the foundation stone for the project, in an event at the SPIC’s Tuticorin factory complex. The project is a one-of-its-kind and one of India’s first floating renewable energy initiative to optimise energy production in industrial plants. It showcases AM International groups commitment to promote eco-friendly alternatives and seek self-sufficiency in the operations of its various group companies.

Speaking on occasion, Mr. Ashwin Muthiah, Founder Chairman, AM International Group, Singapore, said, “Greenam Energy will spearhead sustainable and green energy initiatives across the AM International group by bringing world-class technology and expertise. At AM International, we believe that the key to a sustainable future lies in effectively harnessing green energies. We continue in our efforts to employ new technologies and reduce carbon footprint. This project, one of the latest floating solar power plants in India, is a milestone in our attempts to promote the usage of renewable energy sources. The floating solar power plant will be one of the country most significant projects with technology comparable to the best in the world.” 

Once the project is complete, it will supply electricity to SPIC, and the excess will be sold to the state power utilities. It will lead to significant energy costs savings and reduce the dependence of the company on its external power suppliers. This 24 MW floating solar power plant will be located on the company’s large water reservoir, inside the company’s Tuticorin plant premises. EDAC Engineering Ltd., a SPIC group company, is undertaking the construction. The project is owned by Greenam Energy, a wholly owned subsidiary of AM International Holdings, Singapore. 

As no land is required for construction, floating solar plants are gaining popularity across India. Also, the water beneath keeps the panels cool and boosts efficiency, thus providing mechanical leverage.

Various state governments and corporations are turning to solar power, in a bid to reduce their dependence on coal for electricity generation. The tropical climate of Southern India and availability of water bodies provide ideal opportunities for the construction of floating solar power plants.

Greenam Energy’s current project is one of the latest solar power plants in India and an ambitious large-scale project. The company plans to continue its endeavour of promoting renewable energies and sustainable practices.

About Greenam Energy Private Limited

Greenam Energy is committed to introducing new-age technology to optimise energy production norms in a sustainable and green manner. A wholly owned subsidiary of AM International Singapore, it currently is focussed to deliver state of the art green energy projects to various group companies to enable clean and environment-friendly manufacturing best practices.

Website: https://aminternational.sg/businesses/green-energy/​

About AM International

AM International is a diversified, multinational group of companies with a federated operating architecture. Headquartered in Singapore, it has been trusted by millions of customers for over six decades. Today, many of the group’s businesses are market leaders with footprints across South East Asia, India and the United Kingdom. The group’s business verticals include fertilisers & supply chain, petrochemicals, infrastructure, healthcare and green energy. The group’s CSR activities are helmed under the AM Foundation and its initiatives are focused on providing clean drinking water, preventing water contamination and solving the sanitation crisis.

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De Silva (Executive Officer, Chairman’s Office, Singapore), AM International, ds.desilva@amih.sg

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