Jupiter Meta Launches Indias First Fully Curated NFT Marketplace


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Jupiter Meta Launches India's First Fully Curated NFT Marketplace

  • Tuesday, February 22, 2022 1:30PM IST (8:00AM GMT)
To Unveil ‘Icons of Singara Chennai’ project consisting of 12 pieces of art
Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India:  

India’s first fully curated NFT marketplace, developed by Jupiter Meta, will go live on 23rd February. The digital marketplace will focus on verticals such as music, film, and gaming, creating singular experiences for each user and enabling everyone to maximise their time in the metaverse. Jupiter Meta—cofounded by Sathyan Rajan and Chakradhar Reddy Kommera—plans to expand in the growing Web 3.0 space as the startup looks to bring people a more involved and personal feel to their metaverse interactions.

Jupiter Meta’s marketplace is backed by its own level-1 Rubix blockchain technology with zero gas fees. The blockchain is green, sustainable, and 100% secure, ensuring users have a fast, safe experience.

The company will also simultaneously kick off the country’s first-of-its-kind digital wall art, commemorating the essence of Chennai and labelled the ‘Icons of Singara Chennai’. The project is a collection of digital art pieces of monuments, locations, food, places of worship, beaches, and other symbolic representations that capture the spirit of the city. These items will reflect the city’s past, present, and future and will be sold as NFTs for people to own in the Jupiter Meta marketplace. Each piece is part of a larger art project and has a value associated with it, depending on the size and representation. 

The project’s art is being led by Karthik SS of 108 Collective. The collaborative group is renowned for its surreal, abstract styles and has developed many installations across India. The digital project will feature the group’s perspective of Chennai, rendered through a blend of artists’ creativity and historical background. The artists will also physically recreate the art on walls at a popular location in Chennai later as part of a beautification drive. 

Manasa Rajan, Business Head, Jupiter Meta, said, “Jupiter Meta is an outcome of our vision to create a metaverse for all, for every creative mind, and not just tech buffs. We are witnessing just the beginning of a revolutionary shift in what Web 3.0 can allow us to do and are happy to be starting our journey with the marketplace. We’re all defining pop culture at this very moment, and it’s only going to get bigger.

“As someone with strong Chennai roots, the project is very personal. This is a celebration of Chennai, its people, language, and flavours. And also the technology that the city prides itself on. As artists, the metaverse is huge for us, and new opportunities are everywhere,” said Karthik SS.

Jupiter Meta owns the NFTs and will sell them on its marketplace. There will be 12 art pieces, and the company plans to mint multiple copies of each for sale. To buy an NFT, buyers will have to register on the marketplace and open a wallet account. The NFTs will be sold on a fixed-price basis.

Link to marketplace: http://www.jupitermeta.io

About Jupiter Meta

Jupiter Meta is India’s first fully curated NFT marketplace. Founded in 2021 by industry veterans Sathyan Rajan and Chakradhar Reddy Kommera, Jupiter Meta will allow users to buy, sell, and trade NFTs, across a range of segments like music, film, art, and culture, with a built-in metaverse to provide personalised, immersive digital experiences. The company aims to expand the notion of the metaverse in India and include everyone as part of a seamlessly connected digital reality. Running on its own 100% secure, green, sustainable level-1 blockchain technology with zero gas fees, Jupiter Meta ensures users have a fast and safe experience.

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