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Company Name : Waymark Invincible Foundation

Tuesday, February 7, 2017 12:03PM IST (6:33AM GMT)

Waymark Associates with CareerGuide.com to Provide Career Guidance to Students from North-East India

Kolkata, West Bengal, India

Waymark is a venture started by Mr Jayanta Ghosh who is also an IIM Calcutta alumnus. Waymark is a leading career guidance organisation and is been helping hundreds of students every year to realise their dreams. Waymark has been established with the help and support from leaders in the field of psychology and analytics so as to help the students through latest technologies. Currently, Waymark is looking to provide career counselling to the students in North East regions of the country. The vision of the company is to reach out to the students in the region and groom them to become accomplished individuals.
Waymark has been working hard to promote career counselling even to the remotest of the regions in the country and has helped thousands of the students from the areas which are physically not accessible for the career counsellors. In the wake of those efforts, Waymark Invincible Foundation, a Kolkata based Section 8 company with its edifice on social welfare by means of imparting education for the underprivileged section of the society has associated with CareerGuide.com as a franchise partner for Tripura and Kolkata region. Waymark has been helping students from the North-East regions for their various education related concerns. The company has a presence in many districts in North and South Tripura including that in Agartala and is currently addressing to 30,000 students in the region. Mr Jayanta Ghosh, Managing Director of Waymark says that, “The targeted region has its own set of problems including fewer opportunities, underprivileged students, brain drain and less awareness. Most of the parents there have a perception that there are only two career fields- engineering and medical science. If a student does not get admission in any of the above two fields, it becomes highly frustrating for students as well as their parents. This demands an urgent need to guide the parents as well as students about the scope of different career fields and explore the hidden qualities of students and show them the right path according to their aptitude.” He adds that in the village areas of the region, the conditions are even worse and awareness is the prime demand of education for the students there.
Waymark considers association with CareerGuide.com to bring greater awareness among the students through online psychometric tests. With the help of CareerGuide.com’s team, Waymark can now make available seven different psychometric tests to the students from North East regions of the country. Psychometric test assesses student’s talents and skills through a combination of questions based on aptitude, logical reasoning, verbal reasoning, situational judgement and behavioural questions. These tests help a student to understand what career can be suitable to them according to their skills. These tests have been designed based on universally accepted Career Test Theories and have been further fine-tuned to suit the Indian education scenario. The resulting report is easy to be understood by the students and their parents which they can use to take career decisions. Maitri from CareerGuide.com’s team says that, “Most of the organisations neglect students from the North-East regions of the country and having an association with Waymark is our contribution towards our dream of providing career counselling to each and every student of the country, regardless of his location.”
Waymark considers this association as fruitful for the students in North-East regions of the country since they can avail the services from one of the best career counselling platforms of the country. Through different levels of psychometric tests and appropriate guidance about different career fields, students can learn about their motivation factors. Simultaneously, parents can be guided who can further support the students. Waymark considers the unique and structured ways of career counselling evolved by CareerGuide team will be helpful to the students in this region which have otherwise very little access to career guidance. Waymark and team reflected their happiness on this association and is optimistic to use CareerGuide’s expertise in exploring the hidden talents of their students.

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Jayanta Ghosh, Waymark Invincible Foundation, +91-9436459773, contact@waymark.org.in

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News Summary

Waymark considers this association as fruitful for the students in North-East regions of the country since they can avail the services from one of the best career counselling platforms of the country.