Not Just a DigitalFirst but Also a BusinessFirst Approach With Sales Automation for Ken Lifestyles Pvt. Ltd.


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Not Just a Digital-First but Also a Business-First Approach With Sales Automation for Ken Lifestyles Pvt. Ltd.

  • Wednesday, April 21, 2021 9:30AM IST (4:00AM GMT)
New Delhi, Delhi, India:  Today's in-home lifestyle is an all-in-one blend of life, work, entertainment & family. Understanding this emerging lifestyle, Ken Lifestyles Pvt. Ltd. is a brand that strives to simplify and enrich its customers' lives by delivering a superior experience with its contemporary range of home appliances and products.
Aligning to their brand commitment, their sales team aspired to upgrade the way to reach their customers in the market, enabling them to enter a hyper-growth business stage. But wanting to mitigate the dynamic nature of the market, they were looking for a strategic partner who could make their day-to-day field operations more efficient by providing real-time market data on their team's performance and help scale Smart Selling across their distribution channels.
So, to have a better digital sales infrastructure in place they've partnered with FieldAssist, which is one of the leading sales automation platforms. Speaking on why they chose FieldAssist for the partnership, Mr Sunil Jain (CEO, Kenstar) commented:

"At Kenstar, we believe in creating products that are inspired by and will elevate the lifestyle of our customers. Thus, when it came to onboarding an automation partner, we were looking for someone who could help Kenstar give real-time insights to catalyze our sales operations, enhance our team's productivity, and achieve our business goals.
FieldAssist stood out for Kenstar as it was best-fitted to Kenstar's business workflows and provided amazing architectural flexibility. Also, we trusted that they could successfully handle change management and ensure solution scalability at a pace aligned to our business. We've onboarded FieldAssist not only as our Automation Partner but also as a reliable Growth Partner."
Kenstar has implemented the Automation solution for its entire 200+ field sales team. And with an extensive feature-capability as per the needs of the Consumer Appliances business, along with flexible reporting based on 40+ sales KPIs, they can now get:
  • Effective Performance tracking & daily reporting
With the help of Field App, the sales teams can effectively record their daily activities like order capturing, beat efficiency, adherence to plans, times spent at points of sale, etc. That helps sales teams self-assess themselves and improve performance over a period of time. The analytics platform further gives a granular level view to the MIS teams and sales managers' on-field performance across geographies.
  • Real-time visibility with Market surveys
With customised solutions implemented for General and Modern Trade, their sales team captures real-time market data from both on-shop Promotional Surveys and Customer Interactions in Modern Trade which helped them better anticipate and enhance their demand.
  • Smart and Effective Selling at the counter
A reliable field app helps their on-field sales team to book outlet orders smartly with pre-call insights based on the previous orders and stock availability. Their managers can now push business alerts through the app itself to ensure range selling and target completion.
  • On-the-go Insights and Analytics
With their middle managers always on the go, they can’t access a web portal every time to derive reports and insights. This issue was resolved with FieldAssist's exclusive Mobile Analytics app, in which they could also customise their dashboards and access quick-visual reports.
  • Effective route and beat planning
Leveraging Beat-o-Meter, the Ken Sales team now has the desired visibility of their entire outlet universe. And with the segmentation based on the order status of the outlets (Active, Dormant, To-be-dormant, and Inactive), they're also able to devise and adhere to an effective beat plan ensuring enhanced serviceability and retailer loyalty.
  • Instill healthy competition within teams boosted by emotional gratification
With Sales Gamification digitized in the form of FA Battleground, Kenstar can now introduce KPI-based Qualifiers, Growth Leaderboards, rewards, Gratifications, and an overall Intelligent Performance Monitoring system.
Speaking on the partnership, Mr Paramdeep Singh (CEO, FieldAssist) said:

"Steering towards growth despite the changing dynamics of the industry isn't just a matter of breakthrough technology, it's also a matter of continued commitment and a collective effort with every stakeholder putting their best foot forward to serve the consumers well. We really appreciate and are proud of the fact that leading brands as Kenstar have trusted us and have taken the lead in the Indian market by untapping its growth potential."   
Bringing forth the best industry expertise and services, this brand allegiance focuses on transforming the industry's face for good. Both the brands together plan to bring multiple advancements to the sector while introducing new features and practices to help overcome any sales and distribution challenges.

About Ken Lifestyles Pvt. Ltd.
Synonymous with international quality, style, and durability, Kenstar is the most preferred brand by consumers in India today. With their wide range of products available for all room sizes and corners, they continuously grow as a mass premium brand catering to customers' expectations to offer a lifestyle in line with the latest trends. Staying true to these commitments towards the consumers, their brand tagline inspires everyone to 'Live the Ken Lifestyle'.
About FieldAssist
FieldAssist is a Sales automation platform made to solve Indian Consumer Goods Companies' business challenges by providing accurate and real-time business intelligence of sales fleet's productivity, thereby enabling you to stay on top of your market trends, newer revenue streams, and innovative products. FieldAssist has become an ultimate solution to catalyse empowerment of on-field sales teams and power smarter sales decisions to spur growth both in the short and long term. Serving over 50,000+ users, the company has successfully associated more than 400 leading CPG brands covering 4,500,000+ outlets PAN India. With a deep business understanding integrated with superior technology, FieldAssist is committed to providing world-class customer support to ensure its customers' success.

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