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Now Online Shopping Made Smarter and More Convenient with CompareRaja.com

  • Tuesday, July 24, 2012 4:37PM IST (11:07AM GMT)
CompareRaja.com brings the easy way to compare prices & save money
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India: Logicserve Group, a global online marketing company, today announced the launch of its online price comparison website CompareRaja.com. It allows online shoppers to evaluate the best online prices and provide other valuable information for electronics, perfumes, watches and books being sold by retailer websites. The eCommerce industry is dynamically growing and value-added services like CompareRaja.com empower online shoppers to make an informed buying decision. CompareRaja.com is a one-stop comparison website where an online shopper can compare the prices quoted by various trusted eCommerce vendors. Online shoppers can also ask for recommendations from friends/ family through their social network. They can install the free and innovative add-on ‘CompareRaja Genie' on their web browser, which prompts one with the best prices while surfing and shopping online. The CompareRaja Genie also provides, at no charge, coupon codes which give access to discounts and deals for further convenience in savings. Rohit Chugh, Founder & CEO, Logicserve Group, says "eCommerce is here to stay in India, for it serves a real need. Consumers living in metros shop online because of the convenience factor and unavailability of certain products in the offline world. While consumers in tier 2 & 3 cities shop online due to unavailability and the aspirational value they long to achieve." He further added, "Going forward value-added services like comparison websites will be responsible for organic growth in the Indian eCommerce story and provide benefits to both, consumers and retailers, alike. With CompareRaja, we aim to bring the consumers and retailers on the same platform for increased adoption of online shopping." Currently, the global eCommerce eco-system not only includes the main online retailers, but also various services associated with the industry, including comparison shopping websites to help on consumers with their online purchases. In India alone, there are over 300 eCommerce portals which sell an array of products and services. Hence, as consumers increasingly go online to shop for savings, comparison shopping websites have been growing in popularity worldwide. Prasad Shejale, Co-Founder & CEO (India), Logicserve Group, says "The differentiating factor with CompareRaja.com is our robust technology platform which is one of the most critical requirements of a successful price comparison website. Our complex algorithms help serve up the best prices to make online shopping convenient." He added, "The unique feature ‘CompareRaja Genie' has been developed keeping in mind the online buying cycle where comparison features at the early stages to help vendors increase their conversions from buying cart to actual buy." About Logicserve Group: Logicserve is a global online marketing group based in London (UK) and Mumbai (India). The Group comprises of Broadplace Advertising, Logicserve Digital and CKNet. With the expertise in SEO, PPC, Affiliate Marketing, Development and Design; Logicserve goes beyond keywords, clicks and conversions to deliver tangible business output and measurable ROI for its clients and merchants. The Group has also created several success stories across the globe in the online coupons & price comparison space. About Logicserve Digital: Logicserve Digital, Group's Indian arm for Digital marketing endeavors to unlock the untapped potential for its clients by bridging the brand-consumer gap through innovative solutions centered on World Wide Web. Couponraja.com launched in early 2012 is the first India centric web brand by Logicserve Digital.

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